aerator in a sentence

Example sentences for aerator

Make your kitchen faucet more green by restricting water flow with an aerator.
The aerator compressor must be installed in a well ventilated, relatively clean and dry location.
One such mechanical treatment used by a rancher involves the use of an aerator.
When replacing an aerator, bring the one you're replacing to the store with you to ensure a proper fit.
The rated flow of an aerator is imprinted on its side.
Each aerator unit consists of an aerator floating on a molded polyethylene pontoon.
Aeration is achieved by the use of a spinning submerged aerator.
If there is a screen in the faucet, remove and clean it, or clean the aerator.
Trucks must have a wooden or fabricated transport tank with recirculating water or commercial fish aerator.
For sinks, the aerator usually determines the flow rate.
Most of your exposure is likely to occur when you open a sterilizer door and transfer materials to an aerator.
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