aeration in a sentence

Example sentences for aeration

Running water kept under aeration which has not stagnated is always bacteriologically safe to drink.
The machine at the top is the air pump for aeration.
Leaves must be broken down or they will pack together, preventing proper aeration and temperature control.
In climates with high levels of annual rainfall, take care to provide compost piles with adequate drainage and aeration.
Monitoring includes turning the compost pile to maintain aeration and keeping the pile moist enough to function.
Aeration can speed up the production time of compost tea.
The wine was then sluiced into a decanter ever so slowly so that it could undergo maximum aeration en route.
Indeed, syllabub is ultimately about the pursuit of the perfect aeration method.
Aeration and ignition should probably be at fixed distances above the actual broken well head.
Aeration systems are generally used in shallow water bodies.
Aeration systems preventing fish kills on dozens of lakes.
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