aerated in a sentence

Example sentences for aerated

Keep your compost pile properly aerated by turning it over with a pitchfork or other yard implement.
Turn the compost drum every few days to keep the compost well mixed and aerated.
Fluff up the bedding about every two weeks to keep the pile aerated.
The professional cleaning method will leave your carpet preconditioned, aerated and deodorized.
When you sip it, you recognize at once the enhanced taste and aroma of a perfectly aerated red wine.
Mentions an ultra-lightweight version called autoclaved aerated concrete.
The rest came from ebullient, aerated performances by vocal soloists and the ensemble of period instruments.
Almost everywhere you looked, you could see the city being aerated and energized by the new and modern.
The tales are wrapped in the author's elliptical, rhapsodic language, aerated by quirky humor.
Aerated lagoons are negatively affected by toxic loads, extreme cold, and power outages.
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