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Example sentences for aerate

Traditional wastewater treatment involves forcing air through the water to aerate it.
To feed the microbes, plants must aerate sewage sludge with costly, power-hogging equipment.
It's used to aerate red wines to quickly improve its character.
Their task was to aerate the water and make sure their cargos arrived in sound condition.
It should be turned every two weeks or so to re-aerate it.
Each of these units contain several options to aerate the flow.
They allow the river to stair step down, thus creating riffles, which help aerate and cool the water.
Aerate ornamental ponds or contact your local mosquito abatement district regarding treatment options.
To improve the flat taste of boiled water, aerate it by pouring it back and forth from one container to another.
When you aerate your lawn, you give the water somewhere to go besides down the storm drain.
Considerable energy is required to aerate the liquid in the first step and to move the liquid from one step to the next.
Breathe deeply and forcefully several times a day to aerate your entire lung.
Mixing in coarse materials, such as leaves, also helps to aerate compost piles.
Remove thatch and aerate turf to encourage movement of water to the root zone.
Aerate the exhibition space before object installation.
Trap design using stone in wire mesh baskets to help aerate the water.
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