aeon in a sentence

Example sentences for aeon

Each aeon starts off with the universe being of zero size and high uniformity.
Aeon not only promotes its verification scheme, but also promotes that its products are environmentally friendly.
Ten years ago-an aeon in gaming time-that might have borne some relation to reality.
At this point in the aeon, the universe-now old and large beyond imagining-is once again a sea of uniform particles.

Famous quotes containing the word aeon

He will trouble the thoughts of men yet for many an aeon, they will travel far and wide, they will discuss ... more
Far as we aim our signs to reach, Far as we often make them reach, Across the soul-from-soul abyss, There is an ae... more
Minute after minute, aeon after aeon, Nothing lets up or develops. And this is neither a bad v... more
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