adze in a sentence

Example sentences for adze

Finishing requires skill with traditional adze and curved knife.
To use a cutting adze, stand astride or on top of the log to be hewed.
The walls and floors were of thick, adze finished planks.
Also paddles and carved masks as well as dishes, fishing net hoops digging sticks, and adze handles were made from the wood.
The surfaces of these vessels were pared with a knife or adze, and their surface was left un-smoothed.
Consisting of a fork, adze and pick, this forcible entry tool is used for everything from opening hot spots to removing locks.
Also on the floor near the entrance are an adze handle, coiled rubber hosing, and a small rusted oil can.
To be attacked with safety, it should be firmly fixed in a vise, and divided with some keen weapon of the nature of an adze.
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