adware in a sentence

Example sentences for adware

The company insists the app is neither spyware nor adware, but it can still slow your computer down.
Spyware and adware cause pop-up ads to appear on your screen or track your online activities.
Malware and adware can be difficult to detect and remove.
Spyware and adware can interfere with the catalog website.
If the user accepts, the video downloads while also covertly attempting to install the adware installer.
The use of adware, which is short for advertising software, makes spreading spam and viruses incredibly easy.
How to recognize and remove spyware, adware and viruses, as well as tips to prevent them from infecting your computer.
Many adware applications also track user information.
Defendants engaged in false advertising to lure consumers into downloading spyware and adware on their computers.
Adware checks what sites you visit and pops up ads for similar information.
These include malicious attacks by viruses and the loss of privacy from spyware and adware.
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