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Example sentences for advocacy

Find a national organization and consider giving financial support or volunteering for hands-on work or advocacy.
Many health advocacy organizations rely on financial support from drug companies.
The advocacy group also calls for more government oversight of the student-loan industry.
As a new designer, he sees no risk in his advocacy of the new polyester.
Business leaders, civil-rights organizations, and youth-advocacy groups are right for this role.
The way around all this would be grassroots advocacy.
Science is not supposed to be about advocacy.
This is the sort of "foul blow" that exceeds the legitimate bounds of advocacy.
We study politics and government, which is not the same as advocacy.
The Handbook addresses environmental advocacy, forestry, recycling and more.
It's a driver advocacy group bent on keeping traffic flowing.
Already, advocacy groups are voicing strong privacy concerns.
Newsreels have long since been supplanted by television news, but filmmakers never stopped making advocacy pieces.
He did not confine his advocacy to abstract theory, but proposed the immediate establishment of such a council in this country.
The panel seems to regard these pieces as disinterested science, rather than counter-advocacy from committed environmentalists.
My strong advocacy for certain policy steps is based on a probabilistic understanding of outcomes and costs, not on certainty.
He is acclaimed for his advocacy of web standards, books and a sometimes prickly manner.
But she makes her task harder by denying herself the power of public advocacy.
Statements that go beyond the evidence or move into the realm of advocacy need to be avoided.
The investor-protection bureau, on the twenty-third floor, is one of seven bureaus in the public-advocacy division.
There is already a tremendous amount being done by various advocacy and faith-based organizations.
And consistent with our past advocacy, we'll manage our network in an open, non-discriminatory and transparent way.
As shown by the map, complete streets is a trend that has moved from mere advocacy to policy and even law.
Bears wandering out of the park will be fair game, the advocacy group warns.
But many advocacy groups have heavily criticized development of genetically modified crops.
National governmental agencies and environmental advocacy groups provide online calculators.
My commitment to continue my advocacy work on behalf of the planet has deepened.
Use this information to learn more about the manufacturer from green-business advocacy groups or directories.
Advocacy groups offer seafood guides to help buyers make informed decisions about fish consumption.
We are a science and education based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles.
By their strong advocacy of withdrawal, they have made it impossible for the movement to be dismissed as an unreasonable fringe.
Nonetheless, his advocacy of flexible rates does illustrate two of his great virtues.
Over the past twenty years he has turned more forcefully toward advocacy.
Thanks for the social advocacy statement, which by the way seems to have no real scientific underpinning.
The reason survival rates increase is because of advocacy and awareness which drives research funding and early detection methods.
In other words, current law involving depictions of animal cruelty protects commercial speech and threatens political advocacy.
Advocacy of specific measures seems to me premature, however.
Today it's scientific exploration that needs a hotter advocacy.
The department chair will balance advocacy for university goals as well as department initiatives.
Provides guidance and advocacy regarding prioritization of infrastructure investments that impact privacy and security.

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