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Let me just acknowledge the presence of some of my outstanding Cabinet members and advisors.
Although he has retired, he still works with Jacq as editorial advisor.
They submitted their theses to their advisors on time.
It is very common that financial advisors will recommend taking the lump sum distribution.
Of course, you should always check with your advisor.
He will also serve as an advisor to the company.
Your mentor is not your thesis advisor.
I'd hate to be the advisor that gave him the thumbs-up on this little adventure.
The petition also asks that charges be brought against three company executives and a tax advisor.
He is also an on-the-spot advisor and trouble-shooter.
He would stay a year as executive chairman, said an advisor, and then do something else.
Please ask your academic advisor to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
In college, my advisor encouraged me to think for myself and create independent research projects.
My advisor was really keen for that minimal bromate oscillator that was making my life in the lab a nightmare.
The data are the data, as my graduate advisor always says.
My problem is that my advisor insists upon adding a negative line in my recommendation letter about my lack of success.
If that is the case, it should be possible to find an advisor in a different department that is still within your field.
Your advisor should understand this and be supportive.
Giving the advisor a bound copy of the dissertation is a requirement here.
When you decide to bail out well into the program you do a great personal and financial disservice to your advisor.
It was intellectually exciting to be involved as a scientific advisor.

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