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For participants in this second group, doctors advised further treatment based on the results of these tests.
Reservations are strongly advised in summer, on holidays, and on spring and fall weekends.
Subjects were advised of the risks surrounding making their results public and the uncertainties about how to respond to them.
Worried by the playwright's increasingly unstable state, he also advised a total hiatus from work.
In the same statement, the publisher advised that it would be pushing back a good part of its upcoming games.
Hospital security advised of the theft of two containers of yogurt.
If advised to evacuate your home, do so immediately.
Due to graphic content, parental discretion is advised.
Obviously the rising is more dangerous, even though neither situation is advised.
The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems.
We knew there was a problem, but not one doctor advised us on having him tested.
The roads are steep and narrow at places and motorists are advised to use caution.
Anyone interested in this kind of underwater propulsion would be well advised to check them out.
Divers are advised to give these rays a wide berth-some species can be confrontational.
The scientific team advised me to try again the following year.
Volunteers were advised to stay hydrated and watch out for snakes and spiders.
Furthermore, our legal advisors strongly advised against the idea of intentionally poisoning horns.
People with respiratory conditions were advised to be cautious.
But unless you are planning on munching acorns as you pedal, you are well advised to bring some snacks for the road.
Villagers who experience any flu symptoms are advised to seek free medical care immediately.
People would be well advised not to try to cross the valley on foot during the summer.
Be advised there are lots of smiling faces in this room and all over the world.
He explained that residents were hired to work on the show, and they also advised the crew.
My other sister advised participating in a charity with my new found free time.
Paranoid persons or the extremely unlucky are advised to stay indoors or to wear a helmet.
Animals big enough to be eaten, or with body parts that can be sold for a profit, are well advised to stay out of war zones.
If you're not, work with the people who have advised you in past research.
Companies are advised to block overseas calling and set up their phone systems to prohibit the outbound call-transfer feature.
Several people advised to not to exchange currency at the airport.
Colleges advised students returning to campuses to use caution.
Advised prospective undergraduate students on enrollment opportunities.
Tourists are advised to ask for a certification and look for the stamp of authenticity on gold goods.
Salve examined her and advised her to get a sonogram.
He must attend to one thing at a time, as his father had long ago advised him.
The next day he gave information to the magistrates, and advised them to order that spot to be dug up.
The author was probably ill-advised when he threw his work into the romantic form.
But he never said anything better than when he advised his fellow-citizens to fight, not to plead, for their rights.
She listened and decided, and advised all of her relations how to do things better.
Later, others would only shrug when speculating as to why he had chosen this ill-advised tactic.
Even after being advised by authorities that the catch limit had been reached for the area, the vessel continued to fish.
You'd be well advised to look at the other reviews if you're curious about performance.
The shipping company is advised by an unnamed private security, which provided crucial advice and organized the ransom drop.
Soldiers are advised not to go out on missions with a half-charged battery, for example.
The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised, and should be rejected.
It's ill-advised to pay too much attention to a network's promotional gambits, except as object lessons in what not to do.
Doctor advised a change and they went to the country.
Radiation therapy may be advised in some cases where the tumor is larger and surgery is not possible.
They could even find something particularly damaging-an ill-advised comment that could upend a safely tenured career.
If people are doing that, they should be advised against it.
Even in that situation, the strategic reasoning advised in the article would be useful.
But it seems really ill-advised to actively recruit students overseas instead of concentrating on educating our own first.
Her application is under review, and she has been advised to expect a decision shortly.
Students are routinely advised to expect a job search to take several years.
Seems to me both students and faculty in the non-sciences would be advised to go someplace else.
Politicians on occasion made ill-advised and angry comments.
She was advised to continue abstaining from all peanut-related foods.
Not only is a company that has no profits to distribute ill-advised to pay a dividend.
It answers any ill-advised criticism with a salvo of lawsuits.
Companies are advised, for example, to pick on someone their own size.
Symbolically, for years it advised on few hostile takeover bids.
Countries advised their citizens to restrict travel and avoid public places.
The sophisticated are ill advised to snicker at this prescription for winning.
Two decades ago parents were advised to withdraw from their teens' lives as those teens flew off to adulthood.
Now they are advised to serve as chaperones at all-night graduation parties.
He advised me that no one else in the world could have done it.
People are advised to avoid tobacco, keep a healthy weight and exercise regularly.
Added sugars in diet more than twice what's advised.
We consulted with our maintenance department by radio and were advised to disable the right hand stall warning system.
Anyone seeking spiritual progress would be advised to retire to a monastery for a month.
Parents are advised to give the pills to their children first before they become sick.
Motorists were advised to slow down and drive with extra caution.
All applicants are advised to investigate and compare these and other bonding companies.
Persons stung by box jellyfish are advised to flush the sting area with copious amounts of white vinegar.

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