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That's not bad advice for devotees of any high calling, whether art, scholarship or the church.
The information on our Web site is not intended as financial or legal advice.
Rely only on advice from travel health specialists.
What advice do you have for someone going into this field? .
Brokers generally give advice without charge if it is incidental to the purchase or sale of a security.
He has really big plans for his 100th birthday and some advice on how you can last a century, too.
Clear and concise, this book is a merger of motivational and concrete advice.
Hit up previous winners in your department for their proposals, and ask for their advice.
Planner's advice: Create a budget, cut living expenses, earn more money.
But for the readership this article is targeted at, the mass market consumer, the advice is right on the mark.
Its advice for giving a wedding toast, for instance, is to stay sober.
Wired gives friendly advice, from outsourcing hardware to teaming up with another company.
Find tutorials, tips and advice for designing and building websites and for programming web applications.
You'll find tutorials, tips and advice for designing and building websites and programming web applications.
Finally, don't be afraid to ask senior scientists for advice about various career possibilities.
Post your advice for tourism officials, planners, developers.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
Ask students if they have ever heard the advice that it's good to talk to your plants.
Savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
Resources include a photo gallery and advice on identifying the arachnids you encounter.
When planning your trip, my advice is to stop planning.
You've heard all the advice, but the thought of starting a diet can be daunting.
He now offers advice to stem cell researchers so that they can avoid similar mistakes.
They both give advice how to live and work together.
Advice now is taken as strict demeaning criticism that needs to be handled with violence and rudeness.
It is plainly wrong for a first-year medical student to offer any sort of advice.
Most jurisdictions plan and provide advice on alternatives when any thing of this nature is introduced.
Anyone with advice on how you should live your life has surely spoken to you of its benefits.
They would possibly spend the night outside, as is customary in the region, but they followed scientists' advice.
Their auditing and tax-advice businesses are stagnant.
It is always a year behind, and thus its advice is often no longer useful.
If that was ever good advice, it is rotten advice now.
The fund's reconsideration of capital controls suggests that it is trying to adapt its advice to global economic realities.
It gives them health checks and advice on managing stress, and regularly has ceremonies to congratulate long-serving staff.
The case was brought by civil plaintiffs, against the advice of the public prosecutor.
For their part, scientists are beefing up their security on the advice of the police, lest animal-rights extremism return.
As a piece of advice on manners, the proposition that freedom of expression should be exercised responsibly may well be sound.
Parents ignore the advice of doctors and experts and refuse to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases.
For them, the advice is confusing and heartbreaking, maybe even insulting.
We got a surprising number of responses from employers with advice for the unemployed.
His advice to would-be writers combines considerable thought with laudable clarity.
My advice is to get a ring that is exceptionally tight-fitting.
Later he made difficult political decisions without consultation with or advice from outsiders.
Marriage is accounted a serious matter, but advice about marriage is sure to be humorous.
One doubted whether he followed any of the advice he was so fond of dispensing.
My advice to everyone out there, photographer or not, is simple.
Take my advice and spend all your money on the food.
The last aspect is really the quality of the advice.
He followed the teacher's advice and dropped out of school at the age of fifteen.
Successful after years of obscurity, he was now confident enough to reject advice.
Ai's place was unaffected, but the artists had approached him for advice.
He asked me for advice on what to wear, what kind of cell phone to bring, how to get into the city from the airport.
Many people find themselves unable to take this bracing advice.
Glad you asked my advice which is shoot shoot shoot, and don't whine.
And, inevitably, they turn to the medical graduate in the house for advice and explanation.
So my advice to someone who wanted to be a science communicator is, you write.
They're our source of advice and shared information.
Although people were told they could return to the as-yet-unharmed south tower, many wisely disregarded this advice.
She got good advice that would take her a while to absorb.
US government's official travel advice and travel warnings.

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I wish to God that you had as much pleasure in following my advice, as I have in giving it to you.... more
The most consistent gift and burden of motherhood is advice.... more
All the rest was indefinite, as the soundest advice ever is.... more
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