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Example sentences for advertise

These patricians don't need gaudy symbols to advertise their wealth.
They actually advertise what they offer: printing of custom lab manuals and course packs.
The sites generally operate by charging employers a fee to advertise open positions.
So the government will soon advertise for a foreign boss to turn the bank around.
The technology would also help retailers keep track of customers' spending habits and advertise special offers.
Most don't advertise their happy hour on their website perhaps to provide more flexibility in discontinuing the specials.
So far nobody has found a way to advertise inside online clips on a large scale.
Blackwood was reckoning upon the outrageousness of his new number to advertise it.
They advertise painting's supreme capacity to invest mental disorder with formal power.
Anyone with a contact in another country generally preferred not to advertise it.
But that could be more due to a failure to advertise the functionality than too little interest in it.
And even companies that can still afford to advertise may be less willing to pay for lavish commercials amid economic gloom.
If you want to advertise in the local paper, there's only one game in town.
The icons link to the full listings, which advertise some rather specific and unusual services.
Children who are on the verge of mastering a task advertise this fact in their gestures.
It would therefore be helpful if this aspect is addressed and clearly communicated when you advertise these products.
Some bloggers even post regular shuffle lists of their iPod listening to advertise the eclecticism of their tastes.
She chose not to advertise them, believing this strategy would make them more desirable.
Matchmaking agencies advertise different strengths to attract high-end clients.
If you didn't know anything about marketing, you might think it was important to advertise what a new product does.
Unfortunately, no one's going to know about it unless you advertise.
The office of communications or public relations is contacted to advertise the event.
Hiring managers have access to a variety of channels to advertise job opportunities.
Advertise in print and online and sell your property instantly.

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