adversely in a sentence

Example sentences for adversely

The smaller operators are also being adversely affected by shifts within the industry.
The same problem is beginning to adversely affect academe.
Industrial production may be adversely affected in the interim.
Pollution occurs when a material is added to a body of water or an area of land that adversely affects it.
Some said they could be adversely affected if punitive customs duties were imposed.
If the coral is not protected, millions of people would be adversely affected.
Despite those safeguards, some now-standard features could be adversely affecting performance.
Early estimates of displaced and adversely affected people made compensation and resettlement seem manageable.
Again, this doesn't make it right, and also adversely affects everyone by raising the cost of living.
Radiation can induce cataracts and cancer, as well as adversely affect many physiological processes.
It isn't in the company's best interest to offer users features that would adversely affect its business partners.
The survey also found that desk rage had adversely affected the health of some workers.
Your retirement accounts, for example, will probably be adversely effected by their behavior.
Many critics call the provision an unnecessary loophole that will adversely affect students' health.
Anything left behind doesn't adversely impact the performance of the airplane.
But that's of little comfort to some professors who fear the checks may adversely affect civil rights and academic freedom.
It adversely affects water headlands and runoff when built on mountain ridges.
The people doing this are going to change your lives adversely.
Lots of folks worrying about what's coursing through their intestines, and how long it takes, and how it affects them adversely.
The group said the proposal would adversely affect hundreds of thousands of students.
They believe, rightly, that it will adversely affect their careers.
She is adversely affecting all of those around her, including students.
It is one of those intelligent offerings which one is apt to regret criticizing adversely.
During the summer, it's more unusual for the whole system to be adversely affected.
My father has been her primary caretaker and this has been adversely affecting his health as well.
There will be times when you touch something in one room and it adversely affects something in another room.
One inherent problem with wheel motors is that they increase unsprung weight thus adversely affecting handling and comfort.
Perhaps it could be done in stages as to not adversely effect the economy as much.
The low volume of adversely rated borrowers within the real estate market remained relatively unchanged from last year.
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