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Only by correctly understanding the nature of the adversaries who launched.
For the world, it seemed a token of peace between two nuclear-armed adversaries.
The swashbuckling birds sometimes team up to overwhelm their victims, and they are relentless in chasing down their adversaries.
Preventing the spread of war will depend on strategies that recognize the shared interests of adversaries.
Considering the factions each represents, the two adversaries share surprising common ground.
These people will be your partners and/or your adversaries.
Is it possible that he was simply trying to impede the efforts of his non-scientific adversaries.
The marine mammals would use their speed and underwater sensing abilities to look for dog-paddling adversaries.
Hungry adversaries may find it the meatiest one available.
Adversaries might then be too busy playing catch-up.
And that extra time sometimes allows adversaries to get away.
Clement is admired by colleagues and adversaries for the straightforward clarity of his presentation.
To make this situation right, listen carefully to advocates and adversaries.
Now his left-wing adversaries are coming under legal scrutiny, and some are not behaving much better.
On the contrary, he regarded them as worthy adversaries.
He tended to dismiss adversaries as fools, rather than as merely mistaken, or half-right.
The sort of blanket bans my adversaries are calling for are quite rare.
More than anything else, he relishes a spirited debate with worthy adversaries.
And often the race is simply for companies to find disquieting information before their adversaries do.
True he has all the advantage, for his sword is proof against those of a couple of dozen of his adversaries.
Which could make it pretty useful for catching creeping adversaries.
Despite the general chaos, the line between combatants, noncombatants and adversaries was clear.
Open source material not only fills in blanks about often-elusive adversaries.
His presence ensures the rise of equally quixotic, equally obsessed adversaries.
Those who did well under the communist regime resent the arrogance and self-righteousness of their adversaries.
We too can communicate to our adversaries that we're on to them.
Companies value this level of candour from outside experts who may have been adversaries in the past.
It is unfortunate that such an interesting debate involved such lightweight adversaries.
About the only thing that the adversaries seem to agree on is that money is at the root of the problem.
He approached with utmost care, amber eyes riveted on his adversaries, nostrils twitching to pick up a scent.
Every government that could pursued nuclear armaments in order to keep even with their fears of real and imagined adversaries.
He never excites the suspicion of his adversaries by petty provocations.
Also, if you have a huge army, your adversaries think they need them too.
Adversaries may be using blogs to take advantage of airmen, he notes.
And then there are the crypto-guerrillas, who have already penetrated deep into the territory of their adversaries.
And despite months of attempts to form a coalition of opposition, her political adversaries remain hopelessly split.
These alleged shows of respect are valued especially highly when they come from former adversaries.
Today, old adversaries are at peace, and emerging democracies are potential partners.
Besides, a certain homely style can make your adversaries underestimate you.
It was pure political jujitsu, using the momentum of your adversaries to your own advantage.
One consequence is that battles have been won or lost when a particular virus infected one army but not its adversaries.
It said the interception was not a weapons test or a demonstration for potential adversaries.
It is draining to approach patients as possible adversaries who must be bested.
Yet in business, the two have often been partners as well as adversaries.
Signals contain information about our adversaries that is vital to our national security.
Potential adversaries to your mission, operations, or activity.
Adversaries are not the only ones interested in our e-mail.
When military secrets are stolen, our troops face harm from adversaries who know too much.
When economic data is stolen, our adversaries gain advantage over us in trade negotiations.
The absence of a planned approach opens the possibility for application flaws which adversaries could potentially exploit.

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