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Example sentences for adversarial

It's an adversarial system, to be sure, but that hardly means that the adversaries can't recognize their opposite number.
But those faculty ties have not created an adversarial relationship with presidents.
If the whole of how science is done is, as you say, an adversarial conflict that only rewards who.
Communication between players is more collaborative than adversarial.
Ever remembered as a protagonist of fair play in the adversarial arena.
It was the trendiness and sectarianism of literary studies that made him seem ever tactical and adversarial.
Their relationship with exchanges need not be wholly adversarial.
They could have approached the genetic testing services in a less adversarial manner.
But it creates an adversarial relationship: the president on one side of the podium, the press on the other.
The two countries are not enemies, but their relationship is explicitly adversarial.
He also discusses the increasingly adversarial nature of relations between doctors and nurses nowadays.
Thus, a relationship that once was trusting is now adversarial.
The press is often said to have an adversarial relationship with its subjects.
But at the same time, many businesses set the stage for this with pricing mechanisms that seem adversarial.
So the blogger is correct, in the end the only possible national conversation is an adversarial one.
Instead, it puts the employee and manager in an adversarial relationship, leaving the manager feeling pressured into a decision.
Venter's idea set the pattern of an adversarial relationship that has continued until the last few weeks.
It marked the end of an adversarial relationship and the start of beneficial mentoring.
The right answer isn't to balance adversarial perspectives.
The adversarial relationship between business and customs should be a thing of the past.
Writing, even about heroes, must to some degree be an adversarial process.
We don't intend for this to be an adversarial situation at all.
These and other problems and subtleties can best be sorted out in the adversarial environment of a trial.
His adversarial barking has only heightened tensions with a press that was once lampooned for fawning over his boss.
Journalists must adopt an adversarial role for their work, ferreting out flaws, underscoring failings.
And it was adversarial, especially in its first decade, self-consciously announcing the new.
Its notion of solitude was harsher, more adversarial, more isolating.
So when there's disagreement, it's never an adversarial thing.
The trouble with selling software, he says, is that software vendors end up in an adversarial relationship with their customers.
Journalism ought to be the opposite: it ought to be adversarial to power.
Financial markets are qualitatively different, are essentially adversarial, and certainly harm many participants.
As framed by the proposer, this is an adversarial process because cities compete with other interests.
The court adversarial process can be destructive for families.
Mediation is a voluntary and non-adversarial dispute resolution process.
The use of alternative, non-adversarial processes to address stakeholder concerns can avoid these costs in many instances.
Because this is not a legal or adversarial process, parents' attorneys do not generally attend, unless referred by the court.
The program demonstrates how to transform the process of negotiation from adversarial confrontation to mutual problem solving.
It is an opportunity to resolve your concerns quickly, voluntarily, informally in a non-adversarial setting.
Successful mediation removes determinations regarding custody and placement from the adversarial forum of the courtroom.
Attorneys should not use self calendaring on adversarial proceedings.
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