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The impact of the fifth iteration is found in the noun, verb, and adverb of the sentence.
However, the adjective and adverb forms of "southerly" can mean either "away" or "toward" the south, depending on the context.
Then is an adverb that denotes the passage of time.
The language flows less easily off the tongue with adjectives masquerading as adverbs.
Well is an adverb: I use the chocolate-maker well.
What adverb, almost invariably, accompanies the verb apologize? .
Knowing that "good" is not an adverb might help your cause.
Uninterested in lifting the hood, he focused ''maniacally'' -- a favorite adverb -- on what the machines would deliver.
Sound is both adjective (a sound sleep) and flat adverb (sound asleep).
Don't clutter up the lead, or the article, with adjectives and adverbs.
The adverb gives no difficulty: I did poorly on the test.
The adverb allows me to say something and then partly take it back.
Sorry to be pedantic but swapping out an adverb for an adjective gave me shivers.
In this phrase the is not the article, but an adverb, either relative or demonstrative.
To demean oneself, with adverb of manner attached, is to behave in that manner.
Someone at this moment is tallying up commas or meticulously computing adjective-to-adverb ratios.
The final rule includes the adverb but notes that posting the data beyond the five days provided should occur rarely.
Avoid beginning sentences with the meaningless adverb there.

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