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It pictured a universe in which humanity plays the role of perpetual adventurer.
But he was an invalid with the spirit of a robust adventurer.
The enchantments of barren shingle and rough weather transformed every adventurer into a laborer.
He knew or could get to every mercenary, adventurer, or promoter who had ever cast a shadow on that continent.
The adventurer's rewards today are more personal but no less considerable.
One possibility-which any human climber, diver, or adventurer could confirm-is that extra gear simply slows them down.
He hires a venal adventurer to seek out the people who still remember the truth-and then has them systematically killed.
Many an adventurer has kayaked the shallow back-country waters or fished elusive bonefish on the flats.
It is an adventurer's dream, with such activities as dogsled riding and skiing.
Today, it is the majestic redwoods, the crystal-blue lakes and snow-capped mountains that call to the modern adventurer.
It can be an especially helpful tool for the wilderness adventurer who needs to hunt.

Famous quotes containing the word adventurer

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