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Ever since you first entered Scouting you have been thinking of and making plans for all kinds of adventure expeditions.
Boys of all ages love a good adventure story.
Neither did they imagine the adventure ahead, nor its sudden end.
Kelly James' passion for adventure took him around the world.
Yes, do-it-yourself chemistry by untrained people is always an adventure.
Such adventure holidays come in lots of different shapes and sizes.
We left the valley to start our family, and to start our new adventure together.
But unless you have a taste for adventure, I would proceed carefully.
She didn't mention a longing for adventure.
The western adventure was one of the most popular types of dime novel.
The search for life in the universe is essentially an entirely intellectual adventure.
If you want a more realistic or challenging adventure then ignorance of the ending is better.
Satisfying the human desire for adventure should not be a goal of government expenditure at all.
And leaves me thrilled with a sense of strange adventure.
Maybe you need to have an adventure with a grammar text.
Anyone can have an adventure in nature, no matter where they live.
It was an adventure learning how it all worked but, more importantly, why.
He told me about your adventure and the book that you wrote.
He needed one last great adventure, and the revenue from the bestselling book that was sure to follow, before retiring.
It would not surprise me to discover that you have found this as a next great adventure.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting.
So he departed, and by adventure he came to the same forest where he was taken sleeping.
He was chivalrous, the world was an adventure of himself.
In his rambles in the neighborhood he met with that adventure with the beggar which seems to have impressed him deeply.
One hopes that in time listeners with more sense of adventure will fill those empty seats.
Seems the money-hungry merchant's underpaid, callow clerks dream of romance and adventure, too.
She undertook this globetrotting adventure for two reasons: to feed her wanderlust and to ponder her own final resting place.
The sight and smell of the sea inspire courage and adventure, fear and romance.
The nerve-racking ride that ensued foreshadowed his current wild adventure.
Besides the good looks, they said they yearned for the sense of adventure and honour of the medieval era.
The idea was to make a high adventure film for children.
Two books uncover the romance and adventure of archaeology.
She didn't want him to stray, to find his adventure elsewhere.
To begin this hazardous adventure he asked for but eight hundred dollars, and would think himself rich with a thousand.
Many were doing little there anyway except living an adventure in their minds.
After a soak in the rooftop tub, you're ready for tomorrow's adventure.
But the process of building the new garden turned into an adventure with a few unforeseen twists.
Getting in shape is a unique adventure, when you use technology to get around in the world.
Building a circuit, making catapults and using a block and tackle are all part of the adventure.
Gourmet's travel editor wants you to get out on the highway, looking for adventure.
Growth, exploration and adventure are bad words now.
So, he goes on an adventure on what can bring satisfaction.
It has been a sad learning adventure the past month.
Uphold the ethos of ecotourism while stepping up the adventure during your travels.
Bungee jumping is a popular activity for thrill seekers and adventure travelers looking for an adrenaline fix.
Adventure excursion companies are a good place to start.
But with a little effort, that business trip can be a culinary adventure.
Normally, the region is frequented only by a handful of researchers and adventure tourists.
Cultural, educational and romantic adventure entices.
As the spacecraft propels itself further into deep space, the learning adventure for scientists continues.
Variety, novelty and sometimes adventure come with the territory.
The whole rollicking adventure zips along a mile a minute.
The result is an action adventure that's as thrilling for what it means as for what it shows.

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