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Most cooperatives find it advantageous to carry a mortgage because of the tax benefits it provides for shareholders.
It was simply not a financially advantageous decision.
In this case, an advantageous gene transfer might be preserved.
But some mutations are advantageous rather than adverse.
Nowadays more and more people refused to choose replica watches as they find it rather advantageous.
No argument is needed to show that the railroads offer opportunities for advantageous use of a practical wireless system.
At that point it might have been advantageous to purchase a new car.
Another thing is that sheer brain power is not all that advantageous in evolution.
We have the possibility of a renovation coming soon and it would be advantageous to green the library in the process.
Both parties' candidates were expected to raise such huge sums that they would find it advantageous to forgo the subsidy.
But this is one of the largest studies to show that giving all critically ill patients antibiotics may be advantageous as well.
It could also seek to buy companies in distressed countries on advantageous terms.
Some may find it advantageous to buy new data-processing systems rather than to fix their existing ones.
It was evolutionarily advantageous for schizophrenics to see monsters and ghosts.
Since the dawn of pre-history, humans have moved from less advantageous to more advantageous locations.
It's revealing that so many students select programs which are not economically advantageous.
That's not the kind of motivation that is advantageous to participation economically.
Countries change their ways if it becomes clear that this is advantageous to them.
The rates are lower, but if you are in a high tax bracket, it is sometimes advantageous.
If you give people a situation in which lying is advantageous and the perceived risk of detection is low, they will lie.
There is, however, an even more advantageous tax strategy that he missed out on entirely.
He is going to work with them whenever he finds it advantageous.
There are, of course,many cases where forum shopping has proved highly advantageous for one party.
It does seem advantageous to continue developing and structuring these socio-economic magnets.
Mere intelligence or advantageous birth cannot explain it.
On the other: those who say modern humans evolved everywhere, as populations mixed and advantageous genes spread.
Indirect systems are advantageous in cold climates, because the transfer fluid can be freeze-proof.
But as a candidate who is avowedly of the center-right, he starts out from an advantageous position.
Anyway, being lambasted by him can be nearly as advantageous a career move as being hired by him.
Still, he believes that using a living-learning community could be advantageous.
In some ways, though, community colleges could find the political shift advantageous.
It's not always advantageous to find out that your experimental agent doesn't work.
Now, if this would not be practical in sort term urban driving it could certainly be advantageous on longer runs.
They are in control, a position at once advantageous and uncomfortable.
One may be tempted to go behind the given and invent something better, to attempt to reenter life at a more advantageous point.
The same cycle was repeated in other maritime cities as traditional ports were abandoned in favor of more advantageous locations.
In each of the camps, it is seen as advantageous in internal politics to block movements toward peace.
Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure.
If a fair balance be struck between the good and evil caused by each part, each will be found on the whole advantageous.
The poet finds it advantageous for rhythm, or rime, or euphony.
It does come in with loads of advantageous but gets a controversial result especially in one topic that is drug addiction.
Thus, the viruses' effect on human behaviour is clearly advantageous to their spread and propagation.
The reason it's temporary is that bright children raised in less advantageous environments eventually catch up.
Should a lizard be attacked twice, it is advantageous to have a regrown appendage.
Ditto for a lot of advantageous outcomes from warming, and there are many.
The ability to consider alternative images in an explicit way is definitely evolutionarily advantageous.
At the same time, for a flying organism it is tremendously advantageous to have a light beak instead of bony teeth.
It's not anti-intellectualism strictly speaking, but it's anti-intellectualism-as-being-advantageous-spiritually.
All such features have to be explained by a chain of individually advantageous adaptations.
Over time, billions of years perhaps, some life evolved to use chiral pathways when it was advantageous.
Thanks to issues relating to its previous use, the site has been acquired at an advantageous price.
It is unclear whether this role is mutually advantageous, however.
But many argue that multilingual programmes are advantageous.
During that time it would be advantageous to have food, water, and basic medical supplies ready and waiting.
FOrget the advantageous nature of domestic military contracts.
The courses are close together, making it advantageous to enjoy a day or two touring the many styles of play possible.
Instead use a cell phone number which will be more advantageous if the airline is contacting you for the return of lost luggage.
Adventure vacations are advantageous for couples and for the destinations they frequent.
There may be one in a more advantageous location, with nearby turrets, cameras or water pools to use to your advantage.
North-facing windows are also advantageous for daylighting.
While pre-approval is not a requirement, it is advantageous for you to obtain a pre-approval letter from the lender.
Obtaining certification is considered advantageous in gaining the confidence of both potential residents and third party payers.

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