advantaged in a sentence

Example sentences for advantaged

We are totally physically advantaged over them, especially considering disease.
The achievement gap between them and their more advantaged peers was cut nearly in half.
The homeowner now has the beginnings of a tax-advantaged retirement plan, building college funds, and/or rainy day savings.
The administration's proposals so far are more limited, focusing on an expanded system of tax-advantaged health savings accounts.
The characters with whom the novel is concerned make up an advantaged group-they are well educated and well connected socially.
The achievement gap between students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds closed by nearly half.
At a minimum, take the full match in your tax-advantaged, employer-based retirement account.
Children of engaged parents are advantaged both academically and emotionally.
The first entrant is disproportionately advantaged in emerging markets.
High value-added jobs are necessary to keep our advantaged standard of living.
Master limited partnerships are tax-advantaged, but volatile.
The purpose of the plan is to provide a tax-advantaged method of saving for post secondary education.
The norms were developed from urban and suburban advantaged and disadvantaged males and females.
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