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Example sentences for advanced degree

Fifteen percent of all households include someone with an advanced degree.
Especial sensitivity to sound--not necessarily to the so-called emotions, is developed to an advanced degree.
Because the term is unregulated, a therapist can have anything from no degree to an advanced degree.
Bachelor's degree and advanced degree in business, education or law required.
Applicants should hold a degree in architecture and structural engineering, with an advanced degree in one of those disciplines.
To that end, the conference offered sessions tailored to the various stages of the path to an advanced degree.
Maybe an advanced degree in a particular subject area would suffice.
It helps to have an advanced degree, and maybe some actual knowledge of the subject matter.
Few lazy people are able to obtain an advanced degree and land a position in higher education.
Lets not let disgruntled hearts and ignorance interfere with our desires to earn an advanced degree check it out for yourself.
My interpretation is that your principal was showing respect and acknowledging your training and advanced degree.
Not everyone who does should complete that advanced degree.
Have only been done with my advanced degree for one year.
If traveling is an education, corporate frequent flyers hold an advanced degree.
Supervisory, administrative and staff training positions usually require an advanced degree.
But an advanced degree or better job accounts for only a fraction of the earnings increase.
These days you don't have to be a rocket scientist with an advanced degree in pure mathematics to qualify as a knowledge worker.
The same is probably true for an advanced degree as well.
Many college majors aren't useful for jobs without an advanced degree.
Although the costs of an advanced degree have never been higher, the benefits of post-secondary education are growing similarly.
There are only a handful of areas where an advanced degree is a requirement for practice.
Perhaps you have an advanced degree in, let's say, mathematics.
BA in biology a long time ago, but didn't pursue an advanced degree, and don't work in biology now.
Well then you have all the qualifications necessary to receive your advanced degree in climate science.
One doesn't have to hold an advanced degree in science, or anything, to know how to use your brain.
When you buy aspirin, you can figure out the side effects without an advanced degree.
Privilege is understanding that an advanced degree is what a college degree was worth twenty years ago.
At these levels, the advanced degree must be directly related to the work of the job to be filled.
Graduates with an advanced degree and job related experience may start at a higher salary.
Business owners with a four-year college degree or an advanced degree are less likely to be denied.
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