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Snow quickly advanced her eccentric contributor to the position of fashion editor.
Yet the response you'd expect from an advanced country never happened.
The candidate will also develop other advanced elective courses closely related to their research interests.
Another signature of advanced technology would be an attempt to slow this process down.
In the ensuing years, the technology has advanced even more.
Advanced dementia has often been treated as an amalgamation of symptoms in the aging, rather than a deadly illness in itself.
Our ancestors were smarter and more technologically advanced.
One indication of this is its notable success in preparing its students for advanced study.
And they say the advanced reactors that would run on that recycled fuel would mark a new level of progress on safety.
Airplane manufacturers have been changing over from aluminum to advanced composite materials.
His popular books have advanced the cause of science itself.
There are also clients geared toward more advanced users that would surely make a newbie's head spin.
Immigration is a challenge for both less-developed and advanced societies.
Tourism development is advanced in the south but limited in the more rural north.
Especial sensitivity to sound--not necessarily to the so-called emotions, is developed to an advanced degree.
And the location of the wounds themselves has begun to change as medical knowledge has advanced.
Advanced display settings will typically be found in the same configuration file that resolution is.
Advanced economies faced the biggest downward revisions.
Despite the attractive economics, however, research into transgenic chickens is not as advanced as research into goats or cattle.
Advanced viewing technologies have enabled scientists to study these phenomena in unprecedented clarity.
Traditionally, scholars have advanced two theories for how bird flight evolved.
The platypus is considered a primitive mammal, yet its bill appears to be highly advanced.
Trials of two different drugs show promise in treating advanced melanoma, which is usually fatal.
Yet today the first examples of the technology are on sale, with more advanced products on the way.
Most workshops require advanced registration required.
If their colleagues knew they were studying for advanced degrees, the students.
Two notions are advanced against doping in sport: safety and fairness.
Geologists offer a more prosaic explanation: ice age glaciers gouged the terrain as they advanced and retreated millennia ago.
Applicants are not required to have advanced degrees.
Fifteen percent of all households include someone with an advanced degree.
Advanced systems of law, policy, and governance enable countries to create social and economic opportunity.
For older or more advanced students, ask them to read the first paragraph, and help them understand what it means.
They focused on satisfying domestic consumers with advanced features that didn't matter to customers elsewhere.
The challenge hypothesis was first advanced to explain the mating behaviour of monogamous birds.
Have advanced students read a book or short story of their choosing that is set in or near a wetland.
It developed rapidly into an advanced industrial economy by cashing in on globalisation.
Children bought more cards with credit advanced by their parents.
Historic record indicates every extinction was followed by more advanced species replacing the ones lost.
Chemotherapy regimens for advanced cancer may use a single drug or a combination of drugs.
Their time spanned periods in which glaciers advanced and retreated again and again.
The odd plate of crispy fried wings has indeed advanced the cause of science a time or two.
If it advanced the action of his piece or gave an additional touch to character he was content.
No wonder she was immoderately vain when she found magistrates and ministers embracing the novelties advanced by her.
It was not till he was well advanced in middle life that he obtained an opportunity of showing his great talents.
Outstanding conductor, teacher, and choral scholar capable of inspiring advanced and beginning students.
Applicants should hold a degree in architecture and structural engineering, with an advanced degree in one of those disciplines.
Employer will consider advanced degrees in lieu of experience.
Bachelor's degree and advanced degree in business, education or law required.
Advanced degree in business, health care administration or related field preferred.
For example, our curriculum starts out too with basic introductory courses and moves up to more advanced, esoteric ones.
As military technology becomes more and more advanced, there is less room for valor on the battlefield.
Each office has its own advanced heating and cooling system that shuts off when windows are opened.
Truly advanced life is likely to build its own habitats, and escape the limited area and resources of a planet.
He suspects that these groups already had basic maths skills, and the reforms he studied did not teach more advanced maths.
It brings jobs, advanced manufacturing techniques and national pride.
Now, several homes later, he has moved on to more advanced solar-power technology.
Not really, in my opinion highly advanced science of technical architecture.
But recycling methods for advanced fast reactors are different.
The people by whom such objects were made must have been considerably advanced in civilization.
Dresser is a leading advocate of efforts to protect rare animals by cloning and other advanced reproductive techniques.
Thankfully, civilization hasn't advanced quite so far.
In his view, an advanced race could harness the engines of inflation and create a whole cosmos from scratch.
Although people of such advanced age are still rare, they're becoming more commonplace by the minute.
The civilization to which he has devoted his life is advanced enough.
As the decades advanced, telescopes got bigger and better able to spot small, faint objects.
They taught themselves advanced biochemistry and contracted with a lab to synthesize their medication.
Numerous hypotheses were advanced to explain them before science settled on the current models.
Several automakers plan to unveil advanced vehicle technologies next week.
For the horsepower needed for acceleration or high speeds, the bus will instead rely on advanced battery technology.
Economically recovering natural gas from shale deposits depends on advanced drilling techniques.
But these advanced sequencing tests have yet to be approved or optimized for the practice of medicine.
Advanced automotive electronics used to mean digital dashboard displays or electronic fuel injection.
W e are, as you are no doubt aware, in the advanced stages of a drastic celebrity de-evolution.
With strides in science, cosmetic formulas have become more advanced.
She showered me with praise, and as the weeks advanced and my health improved so did my sense of comedy.
It's a junk shop of human emotion and behavior, a forum for advanced people-watching.
Four of the children graduated from college, and two of those have advanced degrees.
The largest polar bear growled and clicked his teeth as he advanced.
He admired her and advanced her in every way he knew.
Jacobs had advanced lung cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes.
Technology has advanced quite a bit since then, but there are still no time machines.

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