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One possible interpretation: people whose brains mature early might be more prone to engage in adult activities.
Less than two hours of training over a few days produced noticeable brain changes in adult learners.
Now, chances are the dinosaur in your head is an adult animal.
Handpicking is an effective way to reduce adult populations.
Every society, of course, has the right to protect children from adult material.
The two eaten gorillas were adult males known as silverbacks.
Adult life is relatively brief, typically a matter of weeks, though some species can live for as long as a year.
New research may help adult learners master foreign tongues.
List system of proportional representation based on universal adult suffrage.
Eighty-six adult pandas have also been confirmed safe.
Studies show how adult brains can be rewired back to a younger state.
They have since overseen a rapid rise in enrollment, mostly through online offerings aimed at adult students.
Embryonic stem cells derived from adult primate cells suggest humans may get their turn yet.
Yet as an adult he crossed the mountainsides with complete confidence, as though nothing had ever happened.
Adult coloring books, a vogue for nearly ten months, are engaged in political warfare.
Adult mammals do not usually spontaneously recover from serious spinal-cord.
The muffins, and the rest of our simple menu, are designed to tickle the kids and be easy for the supervising adult.
Adult blogs, done right, transform a technical feed into a content buffet.
Adult shops will soon allow customers to watch video clips simply by snapping a picture of the bar code on the box.
Adolescence is a normal part of growing up and joining the adult world.
Even the adult geese, with their long takeoffs, were sometimes victims.
Scientists may have found a better way of turning adult cells into stem cells.
There are adult vocational programs available but these students may not find their way to these programs easily.
If there are any then they certainly don't prefer it over adult immersion.
Similar pressures are seen throughout the adult publishing field.
The adult human brain is surprisingly malleable: it can rewire itself and even grow new cells.
Adult stem cells can be found all over the body, in bone and marrow.
And the governor has been a proponent of adult stem-cell research, for economic reasons as well as ethical ones.
Leave adult use out of it unless the nanny state idiots want make alcohol and cigarettes illegal too.
In us, for example, there are marked differences in adult and deciduous teeth.
The finding a few years ago that adult primates, including humans, could produce new neurons garnered much excitement.
But whether that learning translates into success as an adult is not yet known.
Certainly in his adult work colour and nature often collaborate.
One amber nugget contained a perfectly preserved adult specimen.
But the joy of being an adult is that you get to choose anyway.
Once your pudding is done, have an adult take it out of the oven using oven mitts.
Both work with adult stem cells, which are isolated from tissues or organs rather than embryos.
Although rooks are social birds, they are monogamous and mate for life, making for a relatively stable adult rook society.
The really peculiar thing about these cetaceans is that only the adult males have backward fins.
Adult onset diabetes can be cured, and of course prevented, by adopting a vegan diet.
Ask an adult to cut the pound cake into bread-size slices.
The adult giraffes pause and regard us nonchalantly before going back to their browsing.
Typically several hundred thousand adult fish return from the sea to the river in the fall.
Teaching new facts should not be the focus of adult education, she says.
Research suggests that an array of adult woes could be rooted in the early dislocation of moving house.
But in some cases, adult allergy sufferers have no history of allergic sensitivity.
For any adult learning an instrument or a new language is terrifying.
While the studios hesitate, the adult film industry is taking the leap.
As at many adult pools, the fee does not include use of lounge chairs.
Its cavity becomes relatively reduced in diameter, and forms the cerebral aqueduct of the adult brain.
Tadpoles hatch from the eggs, gradually grow legs, and then move to land and become adult frogs.
It's not known whether the wolf spiders are being born any bigger, as the study focused on adult spiders.
The new squid could be an adult member of the species but researchers can't say for certain until they have caught a specimen.
Sleep experts say the average adult requires seven to eight hours of sleep per night.
Adult females weigh as much as five pounds and hurtle through the air on wings more than five feet across.
Such a predator would have been unable to take on an adult ornithopod.
The result is something similar to an embryonic stem cell, from which it is already known that new, adult mice can be created.
As an adult, his dynamite was more judiciously placed.
Instead, it has quietly supported research on adult stem cells, a far less controversial field.
There is an equally dynamic market for adult education.
Irresponsibility might seem to moralists an unsatisfactory condition for an adult, but in practice it can be a huge relief.
It turned out to have been the bridge between my childhood play and adult work.
Once the punch in the mouth is part of your repertoire-once you've done it a few times as an adult-it never really goes away.
However, polio is endemic, so make sure you've had your adult booster shot.
It dawned on him that he wanted to work with adult characters in lifelike relationships.
The trouble is: this logic applies to all sorts of consensual, private, adult behavior.
Somethings n childhood may affect an adult, but going on a killing spree has nothing to do with what happened in their childhood.
Critics also argue that adult stem cells negate the need for embryonic stem cell research.
They were asked to do some busywork, then told that during the break they should help themselves to some adult beverages.
Seemingly skittish, adult squirrels are fearsome defenders.
And found that the interlopers imitated the sounds of an adult queen.
The usual pattern is for a rise in the incidence of flu in children, which precedes an increase in the adult population.
They found that colonizing an adult germ-free animal with normal gut bacteria had no effect on their behavior.
And this best version typically has a similar syllable structure, variation and sequence as the final adult version of the song.
Thankfully an intelligent, gifted adult is once again running the country.
Ironically, a netbook designed for kids has a generously proportioned keyboard for even plus-sized adult fingers.
It wasn't all that different from the adult political world.
Noise, for him, is all the frustrations and anathemas of adult life rolled into one.
Researchers have created healthy stem cells from adult cells--no embryo required.
The researchers were able to transplant the tooth into an adult mouse, and the tooth bud continued to grow to full size.
Scientists can now turn adult skin cells into stem cells.
Rejection comes in when you try to use an adult stem cell in anyone but the donor.
Talking, it seemed to me, was the point of adult existence.
In adolescence, he discovers the life of the mind and develops into a more serious adult than one might have expected.
And so a miracle had happened: an adult had appeared in a world of children, a senior in a nation of sophomores.
The boys were adult, funny, a little removed from life even as they evolved effortlessly into the shrewdest operators.
She became depressed and sought a psychologist's help for the first time in her adult life.
And there was the raging adult with his yelps and war whoops and his dance moves full of spring-loaded aggression.
Months of training hikes, equipment checks and dieting for obese adult advisers have preceded this day.
By the time the last fruit-bearing adult palm tree was cut, palms had long since ceased to be of economic significance.
Had he been in critical condition, our adult trauma surgeons would have pounced.
They still had plentiful supplies of honey, pollen and youngsters but the adult workers vanished with no traces of their bodies.
Moreover, the bones are all about the same size--the size of adult spawning fish.
It's an odd skull at that, one that would have housed a strangely shaped brain a third the size of a normal adult human brain.
Other studies on eye, ear, and touch reception supported the idea that the adult brain was rigidly organized.
Some hospitals and freestanding imaging centers continue to administer adult-size doses of radiation to children, experts report.
With jobs tough to find, adult children have moved back into parents' homes.
College is about stretching boundaries, about preparing for adult life, about learning from bad decisions.
One of my friends has her learner's permit and is driving herself places without an adult in the car.
Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of adult soft tissue sarcoma.
Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of adult brain tumors.
Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of adult primary liver cancer.

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