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Presley was once the object of such adulation that teen-age girls screamed and fainted at the sight of him.
On a wave of adulation he rode to the governor's mansion where he had lived years ago.
The kind of adulation and scrutiny he received made that conversation awkward for me.
His reward was the peacock feather and yellow jacket of a mandarin and, far more flattering, the adulation of his countrymen.
But here in America, great accomplishments and pop-culture adulation walk hand in hand.
It could get him the recognition and adulation he has sought all the years he's been toiling in bit parts.
They weren't comfortable with their adulation.
Although they are enjoying the adulation, they have not been spoiled by their success.
There are voters who no doubt resent the adulation being heaped on Vick and will refuse to vote for him.
We ate up the attention and adulation as any kid might.
Almost anyone can bang out an atrocious book, but to achieve fame and adulation for it takes a certain kind of genius.
And the tides of his reception have likewise shifted between adulation and disdain.
No great painter suffered as much from excesses of adulation and execration.
Still, there was something a little surprising about the adulation.
Such a fervour of corporate takeovers invariably breeds adulation.
It is interesting that such drew adulation to the eye of people including your magazine.
Yet there is little doubt that many of the public displays of adulation are manufactured.
His happiness seemed a reflection of the crowd's adulation.
Almost overnight, she becomes a nationally famous rock star, with all the attendant trappings of glamour and adulation.
He was little affected, because he preferred privacy to basking in adulation.
We enjoyed the wonderful dancing, but the macho mania and need for adulation tarnished the pleasure of the evening.
Throughout history, prodigies have been celebrated as objects of envy and adulation.
And he is not deluded by the adulation of the world.
From each experience he gained something, and neither time nor the dulling incense of public adulation would dim his curiosity.
Those who would defraud are not dissuaded by adulation.
They go out and indeed become fragmented by this constant exposure and the adulation.
At this point the allegory gave an opening to loyalty-or, if one pleases, adulation.
Khan's personal history is obscured as much by adulation as by secrecy.
There is also the myth that by sheer virtue of your talent, you will receive adulation and recognition.

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