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Example sentences for adroit

He always puts on an adroit, flexible performance.
He is apparently also as adroit at wielding a kitchen knife as he is a samurai sword.
These recycled turns of phrase mar the novel, which in spite of Guy's adroit storytelling is disappointingly slight.
He's adroit at getting those opposed to come aboard.
Flexible and adroit, he built his own ladder and climbed it.
He was also an adroit improviser when it came to avoiding trouble.
I'm not adroit at using the search function.
He has secured his artistic freedom through various adroit business deals.
Moreover, he was a believable rustic, guileless and physically adroit.
His staff is adroit at the kind of leaks that make the boss look good.
We know how other minds work, and we're extremely adroit at social reasoning.
He was ambitious politically adroit, and a gambler: three characteristics which were to see the project through.
It is not as adroit as a market in which people can choose their degrees.
She was particularly adroit at the art of damning with faint praise.
The director also deserves credit for the adroit handling of all the players.
As straight cinematic fiction, it is an adroit artificial job.
The picture is finished in an adroit fashion and it is so good that it seems to have taken only half the time it has.
They also call for an adroit technique, and he is a master of foreshortening and narrative tempo.
It wasn't as adroit as last week's best-ever episode, but it was a solid follow up.
Yet to attain to the throne she did, and proved herself adroit in politics and forwardlooking in governance.
Is politically adroit in addressing, informing and negotiating buy-in from all key stakeholders.
Is politically adroit in addressing, informing, and negotiating buy-in from all key stakeholders.
Mission readiness requires adroit management of people, equipment, and training.
The adroit collaboration saved time and taxpayers' money.
The method adopted by one of the leading managers was both adroit and hazardous.

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