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Elements of space opera, Straubesque horror and adrenaline-laced action make this a demanding, rewarding read.
Sometimes the burst of adrenaline you get the night before the deadline is enough to propel you to a successful finish.
Human mind networks requires at least 3 kinds of neurotransmitters; adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine.
Not all gamers choose games based on how much adrenaline they muster, how elaborate the play is or how realistic the graphics are.
Making it onto the initial "longlist" of prospective candidates for a position always gives my job search a shot of adrenaline.
My writing was better than it ever had been, and I was on an almost-constant adrenaline rush from making life-and-death decisions.
The adrenaline-fueled narrative will keep Johansen fans eagerly turning the pages.
The adrenaline rush of downhill skiing is one of winter's greatest highs.
As the adrenaline rush of their job-search triumph fades, the questions and uncertainties about the coming year loom large.
The study with the swimming rat and the island emphasizes the significance of adrenaline in the formation of memory.
So go ahead and join, spend some time with your fellow adrenaline addicts or chess junkies, or whoever is new that you meet.
With enough heat, adrenaline flows and the heart pumps faster.
The slow bleed of adrenaline has sharpened the landscape.
For now, they are giddy and glad to be done, high on adrenaline and proud to be real soldiers.
They're unaffected by emotion and adrenaline and hunger.
With the adrenaline pumping, he hadn't noticed the pain, but now it was starting to sink in.
The reason for all these responses is the subconscious release of a stress hormone called adrenaline.
Of course my line of work allows adrenaline to flow free.
Martial artists have proven they can do more while yelling because of the adrenaline surge.
But as far as our nervous system is concerned, they can be one in the same, creating a stress flight or fight adrenaline response.
And it makes for one adrenaline fueled driving experience.
Although surgery horrified him, he loved the adrenaline of it.
Clearly her adrenaline was pumping, which was good-she wasn't even thinking about falling to pieces.
Contemporary games can pump us full of adrenaline, they can make us laugh, but they have not yet provoked us to tears.
One particularly time-consuming rail maintenance job-spreading rock ballast between tracks-is also getting a shot of adrenaline.
But when it did happen, it came as a shot of pure adrenaline.
Sometimes, falling adrenaline levels bring on a period of decreased activity.
He must immediately have adrenaline or he will die and so begs the landlord to get it for him.
Billy, whom one character admiringly describes as an adrenaline junkie, lives for speed.
Adrenaline pumps as they navigate waterfalls and walk on air.
It's a typically nervy performance that pumps adrenaline into what is essentially a talky moral debate.
But even in a population of intrepid adrenaline addicts, finding recruits for that mission might be a wee bit tough.
Once the adrenaline fades and the pace slows down, the comic explores the moments between the missions.
It's cold, wicked fast and guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.
Propranolol blocks the action of adrenaline, so it prevented her from tensing up and getting anxious.
Most of us, with varying frequencies and intensities, still need to feel that primal surge of adrenaline.
With cortisol and adrenaline coursing through her body, she is primed for physical action, alert and intensely focused.
Stressors that last less than a few hours tend to sharpen memory, mostly as a result of adrenaline.
We have some high-adrenaline moments and some great belly laughs.
Are journalists fueled by their sense of duty or by adrenaline, it asks.
There was a paramedic present who checked my racing pulse and warned me about adrenaline rush.
To be scared in real life, you've got a lot of adrenaline going-it takes it out of you.
It's a psychological rollercoaster that keeps the energy flowing and adrenaline pumping.
Sadly, he lacked the discipline to stick with it in the adrenaline rush of the critical final seconds.
When you feel the adrenaline, don't let it panic you.
While rest and relaxation works for some couples, adrenaline-driven couples might prefer more adventure from their vacations.
Bungee jumping is a popular activity for thrill seekers and adventure travelers looking for an adrenaline fix.
The commissioner's adrenaline flows when he talks about the rich history and tradition created in that era.

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At twenty-two, he'd been a cowboy, a rustler, one of the best in the Sprawl.... He'd operated on an almost permanent more
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