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Example sentences for adore

Performers on stage draw the public in droves to adore them, but the lives of performers offstage draw even larger attention.
Every unit has a secondary firing mode that you can toggle, a feature that micromanagement junkies will adore.
Everywhere he goes, crowds apparently adore him, keen to forgive his flaws.
Adore because of its fabulous buttery-rich, ethereal versatility.
It should not be to reveal the bad ones and adore the good ones when deciding who teaches our children.
People who adore him are people who accept bribes and simple favors in exchange for votes.
We'd probably adore a national bon-bon service if bankers would be taxed to pay for it.
They adore the portability, the tactile nature of the device, and the overall convenience.
His students absolutely adore him and he publishes more than the rest of the dept combined.
Models adore it because food prepped on it is slimming and healthful.
Ithacans cherish their lake, but they adore their gorges even more.
If you adore musicals, the singing milkman is a gimme.

Famous quotes containing the word adore

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