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Example sentences for admonition

Advice on how to avoid danger abounds: "Drink plenty of water and walk real slow" is a typical admonition.
I'm just saying your admonition is short sighted and incorrect.
When he graduated from Exeter in 1938, he ignored his uncle's admonition to go to college.
To some students, that admonition may have seemed like empty bluster.
If a receiver doesn't finish a route, Garrard delivers a stern admonition not to let it happen again.
Remember Lincoln's admonition about opening one's mouth and proving the fool.
This admonition comes to mind when I read the recent criticism of oil company profits.
He that is open to flattery, is fenced against admonition.
Few rules of contemporary society seem more unanimous right now than the strict admonition against using a smartphone at mealtime.
But heeding their admonition to end the program would be a grave mistake.
College and university leaders would be wise to heed the executive's admonition.
Perhaps because you disregarded my next and final admonition.
Naturally, this admonition applies to the texts that you will find online.
My friends, rightly, threw my earlier admonition back in my face.
But the caveat emptor admonition is one that has endured.
Comedians parodied his admonition that users were holding their phones wrong.
It's an admonition the adults in charge should heed as well.
For the first, the best preservative to keep the mind in health is the faithful admonition of a friend.
In aggravation, the respondent had received a prior admonition for neglecting a legal matter and failure to refund unearned fees.
The parties have recommended that admonition by disciplinary counsel is the appropriate sanction in this matter.
McCarthy argues that a three-month suspension is excessive, and that a private admonition or public reprimand would be adequate.
Admonition is a form of non-public discipline that does not limit the lawyer's right to practice.

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