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Example sentences for admonish

His intent isn't to offend but to admonish those who deny their biases.
In fact, I'd admonish that as defeatism.
Last semester, I had to admonish a student for giving me her mother's email address, and pretending it was hers.
Benevolent, as always, you admonish and enlighten me with prudent and useful reflections.
Nor did she admonish me for having been less than completely forthcoming.
Studs Terkel , the oral historian, was known to admonish friends who would read his books but leave them free of markings.
Though people may be harsh in some responses, often times other posters will admonish them.
After a hearing at which both sides present arguments, the commission can publicly admonish, censure or remove a judge.
If you disagree with them, they will look for all and any kind of way to admonish or ban you.
If you don't punish and admonish them then you are stating that is acceptable behavior.
For example the court may caution or admonish counsel for wrong practices.
For example, the court may admonish counsel for improper actions.
The trial judge tried to admonish the jury and cure the error, but it is not the sort of error that can be so cured.
The court denied the motion and offered to admonish the jury to disregard the last question.
His one duty was to admonish the half-dozen non-participants, a row of high-school boys, not to whisper.
Counsel should admonish their clients and witnesses to avoid such behavior.
The trial court refused to grant a mistrial but offered to admonish the jury.

Famous quotes containing the word admonish

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