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These questions are admittedly unanswerable if one has dealt only with dream-symbolism.
The youngest of the donated robots is about four years old, admittedly not that old for a history museum acquisition.
Admittedly, food blogging is not the same as reporting about war or the deficit.
Admittedly it is relatively easy to come up with hypotheses about tail function.
Given the state's budget crisis, that is admittedly unlikely.
Admittedly, this growth is sprouting from a tiny base.
Admittedly, the first television spot of the campaign is bizarre.
Admittedly, they are preliminary and require replication in a bigger sample for confirmation.
Admittedly, the real picture is more complicated than some in the education lobby would concede.
Admittedly, economic growth has perked up across the euro area recently.
Admittedly, manufacturing is now seen in a rather more positive light.
Looking forward, it admittedly played one thing down.
Admittedly, both the party and its leader had achieved little.
Admittedly, this is a rather simplistic view but it captures the essence of the deleveraging debate.
Longevity is admittedly a crude and indirect indicator of population health.
Admittedly, they have good reason to be nervous about safety.
Admittedly, the contest over global warming is a challenge for the referee because it's a tag-team match, a real free-for-all.
Her studded purse and bright skirt combo is admittedly more subdued, but it still grabs attention.
Admittedly, one didn't have to look far up their org charts to infer why.
Admittedly, not everything on display is suitable for kids, but there's definitely a good chance something will appeal to them.
That's not entirely false, admittedly, but it's only a small piece of the picture.
Admittedly not all have data that would stand up to scientific scrutiny but some do.
For instance, the first photos that were circulated were admittedly faked.
Admittedly, the authors compare previous novel construction rates to their proposals, but these were not on the global scale.
Admittedly object recognition software would have to be a lot better than the current state of the art.
Admittedly, if natural gas crashed for some reason and drillers went bankrupt, that would be a problem.
Here's what this admittedly non-oil expert has concluded.
Admittedly the tests that were run are not absolute.
Having a slight tendency to hyperthyroidism in the family helps keep the weight down admittedly.
It is simply un-scientific to post judgement or opinion on a game you have not admittedly played.
With all your admittedly encyclopedic knowledge on the subject you lack one vital ingredient as revealed in that statement.
The thief who steals your newspaper is admittedly a scuzzball, but mostly elicits annoyance and contempt.
Admittedly this would be a difficult experiment to configure.
Admittedly, there is a pile of evidence to support the idea that universities have gone corporate.
Some companies are admittedly more secretive than others.
Admittedly, on a few occasions, prior knowledge of faculty members has influenced my judgment in the opposite direction.
Let me offer a couple of speculations that, admittedly, point in different directions.
The results of these efforts have been uneven, admittedly, but libraries have been trying.
Admittedly it does get more instructors for the same amount of money.
Defenders of racism and inequality need not apply for this admittedly unenviable task.
Admittedly, the parenting commitment takes time from my career.
These are admittedly of widely varying duration and quality.
It is at best an over-generalization from an admittedly flawed study.
Poetry is, admittedly, an insuperable problem for quotation compilers.
So for now, race remains the admittedly imperfect screen for those patients.
It was admittedly a timid effort that suggested the barest glimpse of new media's potential, but it was something.
In this case, that admittedly can't really happen, for two reasons.
Admittedly, this wine was a bit of a cheat on my part.
Examining the distribution of key economic, social, and demographic variables at the metro scale is admittedly crude.
The crisis did, admittedly, raise the specter of a freeze of the global financial system.
All of which leads me to a rather large and, admittedly, abstract question.
Movies were already by then a part of the culture, although admittedly a lowly part of the culture.
Admittedly, the bombardment of facts may overwhelm some readers.
Admittedly divisive, when balanced it's a delicious drink.
And admittedly, this is a subject where feelings can be pretty entrenched.
Admittedly, this stretches the historical narrative a bit in the service of making a point.
Admittedly, some dogs swim in smaller gene pools than others.
There admittedly is scanty evidence yet, but an effect here would be a bonus.
Admittedly, the last scenario may seem disconnected from reality, but that's the difference between science and math.
My story is admittedly one out of a thousand potential ones that have different scenarios and different outcomes.
But that along with the admittedly controversial claims of kayak voyages suggest there may have been more contact than expected.
Admittedly, some of my hesitation with the show had a lot to do with that well-known tag line.
Admittedly, it helps that many of them know her personally.
Admittedly, consumption cannot be sustained indefinitely by running up the national debt.
Admittedly, many randomly chosen pairs of philosophers agree about something.
The first of these, from admittedly limited samplings, is that the program provoked instant partisanship.
Admittedly, he was also almost impossible to live with.
We find that such an error, admittedly made by an attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
We find that such error, admittedly made by the attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
We find such an error, admittedly made by the attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
We find that such an error, admittedly made by the attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
We find an error, admittedly made by the attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
Beyond that, many people admittedly know little about our nation's twentieth president.
Details about how the maps were created with an admittedly limited data source are found here.
Admittedly, this sketch is pre-mature and is included here to begin to bring forward his story.
We find that an error, admittedly made by the attorney for a criminal defendant, is good cause to grant the motion.
They provided an extensive, though admittedly not exhaustive, data base.
Admittedly, some of the listed intervention efforts may be more useful than others.
This, admittedly, was not an easy lesson to get across.
Journalists were shown a set of statements--some of them admittedly oversimplified--and asked if they agreed or disagreed.

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