admiringly in a sentence

Example sentences for admiringly

The clerk showed him the gun, and he handled the pistol grip admiringly.
They looked at the kitchen for a minute, and when she spoke he nodded admiringly, but he said nothing.
She winds up as a devoted servant to the handsome musician she has gazed at admiringly since her girlhood.
Smitten, she proceeds to humor her boss, who admiringly takes her for a wealthy debutante.
Billy, whom one character admiringly describes as an adrenaline junkie, lives for speed.
Nevertheless, in interviews over the years both sons spoke affectionately and admiringly of their father, if not of his fathering.
It was because he was so earnest and admiringly singular that he stood out in the minds and affections of the entire community.
We landed the trout, looked admiringly at its bright colors and released it.
And those who give the ultimate measure are people who deserve to be remembered, and remembered not only fondly but admiringly.
Andre watched her admiringly, then his face changed, and a quick look came over it.
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