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Example sentences for admiring

We stand admiring it as it is now, a beautiful wreck beneath an ivy veil.
We stand admiring the falling fake snow and flashing lasers.
Visitors can tour the single-story adobe, while admiring the expansive views of the city.
Admiring the commitment you put into your site and in depth information you provide.
Curiously, the students are admiring the action of my drawing more than anything else.
They could have authentic relationships, and they were regarded with sincere respect by admiring students.
And so, rock climbing is not really mind over matter, even if it looks that way to the admiring observer.
Even his opponents admitted to admiring the earnestness with which he defended a cause.
We have strong, mutually admiring relations with much of the lit faculty.
Then start by admiring what is uncontrolled as the key to learning how to adapt and adopt it's properties.
It won admiring stares from other riders of folding bikes, and amused looks from everyone else.
He and the dogs were a perfect addition, he admiring the sunset and the dogs lolling about casually.
Later in the afternoon the firefighters stand around admiring their work.
Spend an afternoon admiring handcrafted instruments and original scores.
He watched them go through their drills, admiring their precision.
That's why even the foreign press's ostensibly admiring reports from local watering-holes have been vaguely damning.
The public must either admire, or else consent to stultify itself by not admiring.
Admiring the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you provide.
They are carving satyrs' heads in the stone, with a crowd of gaping youngsters looking on in admiring wonder.
His aides-de-camp surround him, zealous and respectful uttering admiring exclamations at each of his strokes.
In theory, chief financial officers spend idle moments admiring charts of the idealised firm's optimal capital structure.
To them, admiring a picture and understanding how it comes about are two sides of the same coin.
Shapes produced by nature are so different yet so sophisticated one can't stop admiring them.
The ancient city is a wonderful place to wander, admiring its historic architecture and soaking up the atmosphere.
They picked things up fast, admiring baseball's tactical subtlety without fully understanding it, and were riveted by every pitch.
Brown said, admiring the results in a handheld mirror.
He then wove on foot across that wide and beautiful avenue he'd been admiring.
But the exercise doesn't leave a viewer much to do, beyond admiring its cleverness.
One could find some consolation in contemplating, admiring and envying them.
No one admired more of his elders, or discovered more of his juniors, and so went on admiring and discovering till the end.
The impression is not of a people honoring its rulers, but of a family admiring itself.
Poetry was the first and foremost: they were each other's admiring readers.
When done admiring your collection, you can put the box lid back on and stow away everything until the next play session.
Admiring their strength and endurance, he endowed them with a sense of calm dignity and grace.
Participants can eat and drink while admiring and discussing the displayed products.
The beautifully landscaped park is a popular spot for walking, lunches and admiring the landscaping, or for quiet contemplation.
The players read to students, played games and gave inspiration to an admiring audience.
After admiring the bridge's engineering, find a local and ask about some hauntings.
While admiring the youngsters, try to determine which will be survivors.
Be sure to budget some time for resting and admiring the view.
Your idea exhibits plenty of interesting specifics and also admiring content articles.
The community is generally interested in admiring and taking a closer look at the motorcycles.
In addition to admiring the blooms, tour-goers will learn about the interesting history of the site.

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