admirer in a sentence

Example sentences for admirer

As a new admirer of his work it is pleasurable to see articles and books still written by him.
Supplementing the creations from all media are lectures and seminars to enlighten the artist, admirer and gallery owner.
The volatile damsel he loves is too proud to admit it and marries a rich banker to spite her ardent admirer.
And you can always make yourself invisible to an unwanted admirer.
Its buyer is the clockwork connoisseur, the admirer of solidity and complexity.
At nearly every step, he was stopped by an admirer and was asked to pose for a picture.
Readers, pause to read to a friendly four-legged admirer.

Famous quotes containing the word admirer

I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to some... more
[To an admirer who said, "You look gorgeous":] Oh, God, if you only knew how much work it takes.... more
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