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Example sentences for admire

They often admire them and hold them in high esteem.
This ability made many scholars of bygone days admire Latin's majesty—and admire themselves for mastering it.
The visitor can admire at leisure the power of these men spared by the corruption of modernism.
As they admire a pod of whales in the distance, a stray baby whale grows curious.
We pause to admire the still life with scones and coffee cake oozing marionberries and glistening with white icing.
We always love those who admire us, and we do not always love those whom we admire.
Seems you either love steampunk, or hate it - but you can't help but admire this.
Contact people whose work you admire.
Before writing his report, the detective pauses to admire the Minneapolis skyline.
Even in these tales, however, there is much to admire and fascinate.
It's a truly horrible story, but despite that, we admire the man's stunning ingenuity.
To admire marigolds in all their glory, you have two equally beautiful options.
It's tough to not admire an actor with the strength to walk away from a successful television series.
As he plumbed the details, he found more and more to admire and ponder.
There is ample room to admire the works up close or from afar.
It was a great work of art something to really admire.
Admire the long, lean leotard-clad rollerbladers whizzing by.
Peek at other visitors through the openings as you climb, and admire the ingenious design.
None the less, one cannot but admire his positive ability.
Read the acknowledgment sections of the books you admire.
Americans admire practicality, and our profession has become esoteric and politicized.
Even those who admire aspects of his work express regrets.
We admire those who are able to flex and strut in their research and theory and discourse.
Do form a group with people you respect and admire for their productivity and savvy.
Creative people take sensible risks and produce ideas that others ultimately admire and respect as trend-setting.
If they admire your intellect, you respond by stating how you still have much to learn and tell them a mistake you made.
It's easy to admire an app that emerges out of such a collaboration.
Suddenly the idea of tourists stepping out of a bus to admire this monstrous hole doesn't seem so far-fetched.
At the school's entrance admire the exquisite decorative gypsum panels.
Admire the spectacle of giant monoliths and festooned cliffs sculpted by the sea.
Admire artworks, shop for silks, and sip an aperitif at a rooftop bar in the city that never sleeps.
Grab a map, pick a neighborhood and admire the real people, businesses and street scenes that tourists never see.
Most readers will admire the author's indefatigability, but secretly wish he had done more sifting.
Anti-poverty campaigners can admire their efforts to offer banking services to the illiterate.
Americans have long considered wealth something to admire and pursue, not vilify and redistribute.
Many non-Shias admire the party and take pride in the courage and skill of its fighters.
Many also admire her for holding together a family that includes a philandering husband.
Onlookers admire a shoulder-mounted flame instrument and its scantily clad fire player.
Whether you agree or disagree, you have to admire how well-done the parodies are.
If you don't know how, you can still admire the athletes from the beach or from the long concrete pier.
What better way to admire these glories than with a walking tour.
Those who favor less active pursuits may prefer to sit in the many bars and restaurants and admire the beautiful lakeside scenery.
Take a guided tour on horseback and admire the beautiful landscape at a relaxed pace.
We admire people who look into the eye of adversity, dig in their heels and persevere, no matter what the odds.
If you don't take a step back to admire a great run or two, you might miss them.
Throughout the property guests can admire original frescoes, hand-made ceramics and antique furniture.
With the wind in your face, you'll admire dramatic blue skies and towering volcanoes.
At teatime, the family gathers to admire the kettle warmer.
And stop to admire a bicycle chained to a parking meter.
The world has enough of these tunes to last until the final bar band turns to dust, but you admire the acoustics here.
Bosses may be an overbearing breed, but more often than not, you've got to admire their business chops.
Admire the saffron- and terracotta-toned architecture along the way.
Youths from the shelter admire and select their gifts.
Enjoy the flowers, but please leave them for others to admire.
The successors of their profession shall admire their distinguished service.
Teach your children to respect, admire and celebrate the differences in people.
The group also performs an eclectic mix from songwriters they admire as well as original tunes.
Parents and students on campus respect and admire her commitment to bettering the world.
The free cruise-in is a chance for car enthusiasts to meet, talk shop and admire the craftsmanship.
Many of us admire the philosophy and deplore the ill temper.
One can only admire the zest and erudition with which she drives home this conclusion.
All three letter-writers evidently admire their former boss.
One should rather, he said, admire the living body for its wonderful and almost incomprehensible subtlety and complexity.
We might admire him for trying to escape, and perhaps even think less of him if he did not.
But you also end up in the company of people you don't admire, including some rather dodgy politicians.
Critics admire it especially for the sure-handedness with which it navigates the country's current economic turbulence.
And the astonishing, beautiful, awesome pics which everyone can admire now are a triumph of science.
Lots of people, including many who otherwise admire his work in the field of science and astronomy.
Material scientists admire spider silk for being lightweight and strong.

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