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But the good news is that without too much effort you can, believe it or not, create an admirable taco at home.
Teaching science in a public high school: an admirable endeavour, but not a green job.
He points out that the roach escape mechanism has an admirable redundancy.
For instance, the hairy mammoth seems to have been an admirable animal, intelligent and well-accoutered.
What happens in the future will be one measure of the success or failure of this admirable book.
As admirable a goal as it may be, fashioning citizens for a pluralistic society has nothing to do with the pursuit of truth.
Everyone has a role in the world, and who is to say which role is more worthy or admirable than any other.
Net-betting offers admirable ease, no taxes, and relative safety.
With its customary excellent judgment and admirable appreciation of news.
After the talk, a few presidents said climate neutrality was admirable but out of reach.
But this admirable diversity has given rise to a troubling cultural conflict.
We may not agree on this point but your approach is admirable.
The speed and surety of e-mail rejection letters is admirable.
The aim of a universal treaty banning anti-personnel mines is admirable.
Your willingness to try and appreciate these things is admirable.
While it can be admirable when teens buck trends, it is not the norm, and the norm is what the study is examining.
Welfare reform was an admirable policy that led to a sharp reduction in welfare rolls.
Each of the parties has some admirable and capable figures.
Her quiet demeanor and perseverance through all the trials in her life are truly admirable.
We have an admirable democracy, but it is not the only possible democracy and not always the best possible democracy.
It's an admirable objective, but one that takes more effort than was given in this instance.
Pretty normal, even admirable you might think, for political-science students to want to watch democracy in action.
For efficiency, compact fluorescent lamps are an admirable replacement for regular light bulbs.
When the final push came, it seemed to evince an admirable degree of orchestration.
The company's enthusiasm for thinking ahead is admirable.
They are stoic, they rarely complain, and so they are admirable.
To the members of the board is chiefly due the credit for the admirable plan of the metropolis of to-day.
It's an arduous and admirable feat that requires a huge amount of discipline and drive.
The defendant was seated in the immediate vicinity of her counsel, and demeaned herself with admirable composure.
The government-limiting impulse motivating this view is admirable.
It is pleasant to be able to say that this want has been fully satisfied by the admirable work before us.
Reading is a far more active pursuit than listening or viewing, and anything that gets people to read is admirable.
Although the material is horrifying, the workmanship is admirable.
Money has been provided, and admirable principles laid out for achieving them.
It's an admirable goal, but the sad truth is that much of the regulatory burden faced by firms and workers is local.
While this is admirable, it does not help control the population in fact, it helps make it increase in size.
The impulse to share scholarly research more freely is an admirable impulse for any creator who wants to do so.
Power and violence, a larger club or sharper sword, as if the ability to incinerate whole cities is an admirable pursuit.
Being a doctor or a lawyer, a scientist or an engineer or an economist-these are all valid and admirable choices.
It's admirable, but maybe they should re-examine their reasoning for keeping it.
It's an admirable commitment and one that has shown promise.
Disaster to quantum leap in two years is still pretty admirable.
Your observations that faults should be studied, is admirable.
Those are admirable goals, but they're not going to make companies more productive.
Strength, he believed, was never more admirable than when it was applied with restraint.
So by conventional standards the reaction to the tragedy has been admirable.
Obviously it is admirable to line up consistently behind whatever argument comes from your side.
Regardless of whether she succeeds, it's admirable that she's wandered so far outside her comfort zone.
Foster makes intricate, tensile structures of admirable grace.
In the week ahead, make admirable headway without churning up or slinging any mud.
Rose, my club member whose kindness and courtesy are so admirable, is also a capable player.
From the literary point of view the book is admirable.
Doing less with less may be admirable, but efficiency is about doing the same or more with less.
In principle that was admirable-capitalism requires people to pay for their mistakes.
Perhaps it was ever thus: many having a go, few producing anything genuinely funny and admirable.
It becomes less admirable if you've been personally swindled.
All of this is admirable, but it's not the end of the story.
The town's defining ethos of anti-nationalism is often admirable.
It's not admirable when it leaves them with nothing.
It overburdens her tale in ways that make it more admirable than gripping.
While the intent of this level of spending is admirable, it does nothing to actually hold down the cost of a higher education.

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