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The second visit had also involved an administrative matter.
As higher education budgets come under pressure around the world, so the spotlight falls on administrative budgets.
No one is sure how the mummies got there or why they came to be on display at the site's administrative offices.
Anyone who has been tasked with exceedingly tedious administrative work probably has an intimate understanding of this well.
In both countries, it appears to have started for administrative reasons.
Beginning in the fall, those teachers will perform administrative duties or be sent home if they are deemed a threat to students.
But dissatisfaction with administrative shortcomings-in essence, corruption-has been growing too.
It is quite possible that there are as many applicants for these administrative positions.
Some feared that it might be the beginning of the end of the administrative département.
There are administrative procedures to grant waivers to federal and state endangered species regulations.
Each of the eight has a right to refuse the administrative hearing and request a court-martial instead.
However, this is more common when it includes some administrative function.
Both will require a combination of political clout, intellectual horsepower and administrative skill.
Other roads, totally illegal, crossed the administrative road from the south.
Supports a company-wide operational or administrative function.
Standing between the two is an administrative machine corroded by apathy and corruption.
The cuts will come in the company's sales, product development and administrative divisions.
He acknowledged that it was not common for an entire administrative team to leave with the moderator.
The attackers try to get domain administrative credentials and extract them from the network.
Administrative hiccups seem likely to delay his contract for several weeks.
He has no administrative experience, but his advisers have worked out for him a comprehensive programme of government.
Powerful princes control rival administrative fiefs.
So administrative work can be given to locally elected people.
It also has administrative tools that allow wiki entries to be viewed and sorted in different ways.
Administrative confusion, it suggested, was hampering a fight against flab that in any case lacked clear national leadership.
It also leads to electoral boundaries drawn purely to maximise political gain but making no geographical or administrative sense.
These currencies are simply administrative characteristics defining national economies.
But it will be the first test of its administrative competence in a country that is crying out for good leadership.
The ambition goes beyond poverty alleviation to the cleansing and improvement of a rotten administrative and social system.
Many more of his officials have faced administrative penalties.
The last of the office lights are being turned off in the gathering dusk which marks the end of another day's administrative toil.
Administrative offices were banished to create new galleries that fill the three main floors.
Their energies have been channeled away from teaching and creative research and often are dissipated in administrative work.
Each building or building cluster would have basic services such as commerce, administrative offices, sports facilities and such.
Oh, go do some administrative work, you wanna-be engineer.
And teachers who strive to go above and beyond face administrative obstacles, forced teaching goals, and are not paid to boot.
In addition, valuable personnel time and money are wasted on the unnecessary and excessive new administrative burdens.
Flanking the palace were the caliph's mosque, houses for the royal family, and offices for important administrative departments.
We held administrative meetings sitting on benches in the main city square.
Opponents may also exploit the administrative difficulties of creating state insurance exchanges.
The designation has administrative and commercial consequences.
Unless you've been given administrative privileges on this site, you might as well be flying a kite.
Successful administrative experience in enrollment management and academic collaboration in higher education is required.
My goal in this one is not to teach you the intricacies of federal cost-accounting principles and administrative requirements.
They work in a controlled environment, and usually have a decent amount of administrative support for their efforts.
But the city works better as a place to live than as the administrative center of a vast and unstable country.
Meanwhile, the bank has had the administrative expense of a bankruptcy proceeding and a foreclosure.
What's more, if you donate to a charity, there are administrative costs and time-lags.
Browner knows the administrative rule-making process, and there will be plenty of that over the next two years.
Taxpayers will also be on the hook for its administrative expensive.
Then, yes, there is authority to do the administrative search for public safety purposes.
The smaller-scale administrative initiatives he's now consistently announcing may help only at the margin.
Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer.
Department chairpersons are faculty members who usually teach some courses but have heavier administrative responsibilities.
Some cities retain their role as administrative centres, by virtue of their political status.
The authorities have tried to restrain investment, prices and lending through administrative fiat.
He points to an inevitable wave of litigation, administrative headaches and restrictions on sales.
No clearer proof than this can be needed of the close connection between the administrative and literary attacks.
Although administrative duties afford her little time for research, she still manages to study submarine hot spots.
Your narrow field will take the majority of your time outside of your administrative and teaching duties.
The state will lose some proportion of the money on its own in administrative costs.
Gone is her dull administrative job, her mousy wardrobe, her downer of a roommate.
The savings in administrative costs would be enormous, he estimates.
They tend to accept administrative authority without serious question unless it impinges upon their immediate scholarly functions.
The executive order later became an administrative regulation.
Some cases require additional administrative processing.

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