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The question is upon the method of procuring and administering them.
In the absence of reliable information, doctors are frequently forced to engage in guesswork when administering drugs.
Two points in it, our people have already settled-the successful establishing, and the successful administering of it.
First, it includes only the benefits themselves, not the cost of administering them.
When administering medications, doctors tend to treat kids as if they were simply small adults.
Still another doctor owns the simple procedure of treating iron deficiency by administering iron under the tongue.
The doctor patiently went over the process of administering sedatives and waking up the patient hourly to check on progress.
Tenure meetings and dissertation defenses would be prime occasions for the administering of corporal punishment.
As many as half of glaucoma sufferers do not follow doctors' orders because of the difficulty administering drops, he adds.
There is also plenty of room for improvement in administering the drugs.
Indolence and inertia is a problem only with the officials administering the payments, not the workers receiving them.
Foreign aid workers administering flood relief have been shocked by the high levels of malnutrition they found.
The costs merely of administering a conventionally clotted tax system are outrageous.
Indeed, it was the televising of a tape of him actually administering a lethal injection that eventually put him in prison.
Implementing those ideas and administering them requires a completely different set of skills.
Setting up and administering this program must be a logistical nightmare.
The method entails administering a mild electrical stimulation to the tongue to create a metallic taste.
Trainees learn emergency procedures, such as evacuating an airplane, administering first aid and water survival tactics.

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