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Organic producers cannot take that approach and must administer needed medication.
As the plan is to administer the anaesthetic while the patient sleeps, it is no wonder that failure attends the effort.
The participant was told to read test questions, and to administer a shock when the learner gave the wrong answer.
Department is in natural science division, and helps administer a neuroscience concentration.
As a way to administer some nasty disinflationary medicine the doctrine worked.
After two years, researchers compared the results of the rural home visits to urban clinics that only administer drugs.
They begin to actively administer some portions of the contested area.
Quotas are easy to administer and regulate but are based on population estimates that are often wrong.
Issuing permits to suppliers is easier to administer because no smokestacks need to be monitored.
They are trained how to administer intravenous lines and advanced airway treatment.
Faculty development offices can often help you design these evaluations and then administer them for you.
The doctors cannot agree on a diagnosis, let alone administer an antidote with confidence.
Their next exam will be in about a month, when staff will be able to confirm the cubs' genders and administer vaccinations.
On top of that, capital punishment is extremely costly to administer and has never been shown to deter criminal behavior.
The only cure is to administer a vaccine up to a week after contracting the illness.
Composed of molecules of fatty acids, liposomes promised a way to administer.
We are searching for a self-starter to help administer the accounts receivable function in a dynamic, collegial work environment.
He is, in theory an administrator of a budget that he screwed up in a public fashion and therefore unfit to administer his budget.
The winner of the game could administer a blast of white noise to the loser.
Most parents are not qualified to teach their own kids, any more than they are qualified to administer emergency medical care.
At the end of a government's term, a caretaker government takes office to administer a general election.
These are easy to administer or allow for self testing online.
Are easy to administer but require lab processing to ensure accuracy.
Burton had feared, the procedure proved painful and difficult to administer.
In cases where the patient was not able on his own to administer the lethal dose, a doctor or nurse would be permitted to do so.
Vaccines are not evil neither are those who administer them.
For example, in nursing, you have to know more than how to administer medications.
The people who administer the system, the heirs of those who devised it, stand to gain enormously from its perpetuation.
If it's an allergic reaction, a vet can also administer a steroid shot for immediate relief.
We'll need a central place to administer our social networks and privacy settings.
The original plan for the trial was to administer different doses to five groups of patients.
It also means you cannot find a position from which to administer any system of law.
It used to be possible to administer a primal face-to-face insult by pretending not to know someone.
If the answer is positive, you can offer to help administer it.
There are signs that mayors who administer the programme well get a reward at the polls while those who do not suffer.
And really, they're hiring you to administer something, not teach.
Then it becomes our responsibility to administer the rest of it.
The treatment is easy to administer and has no known side effects.
Unqualified people do not get interviewed to administer programs.
Now, however, a decision by the agency created to administer the housing law presents a new complication.
To be able to administer effectively you do need measurement.
Treatments to remove these metals are inexpensive and easy to administer.
The only problem it might not be as easy to administer.
The university would gladly administer any grants they obtain.
The money necessary to fill the pot and administer the system could be raised in either of two ways.
It would be simple, easy to administer and efficient.
It's the way the unromantic, prosaic, desk-bound people who make our laws and administer our country get things done.
Private lenders will still complete paperwork and administer the loans.
The police, he says, refused to administer a blood-alcohol test that would have proved he wasn't drunk.
He went into a coma, and once again a priest was called to administer last rites.
It's an interesting idea, and it would be easy to administer.
But the system which these officers are called upon to administer is in many respects ill adapted to present-day conditions.
Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.
Various vaccines to date have proven ineffective or difficult to administer.
And the system is simple to understand and administer.
Stressed mice even self administer drugs when they let them.
Experiments can run longer and produce more data because they are cheap to administer.
When the mice are given access to a machine that lets them administer cocaine to themselves, the defeated mice take more of it.
Today anesthesiologists have a number of drugs to choose from, as well as machines to administer them safely.
We could do little more than start fluids and administer a blast of antibiotics in hopes of arresting any infection.
To my knowledge, it was the binding agents when they started to administer multiple vaccinations in one dose.
Also, there would be no need to take a percentage to administer the bureaucracy, so it would be more efficient.
The commissions that administer the scheme can sue the manufacturer if negligence is suspected, but the patient cannot.
Thus the government cannot administer the center and south effectively.
Nebulizers and certain other devices are available to help administer medications to children this age.
Mothers can administer the paste in their own homes, rather than rely on doctors in feeding centres and clinics.
On the expiry of a government's term in office, a caretaker government takes office to administer a general election.
The scheme is cheap to administer, popular and allows parents to decide how they want to balance their time and money.
They will need brainpower to match the muscles that they administer.
It means paying to administer and police the single market while the in-crowd makes the important decisions about how it works.
Meanwhile, a vast bureaucracy has grown up to administer the price controls, supported by volunteers and litigators.
The council also authorized dentists, pharmacists and paramedics to administer vaccines.
Our conclusions may come as no surprise to psychologists who administer intelligence tests themselves.
The bottom line is that the city needs to make deep spending cuts and effectively administer recurring revenues.
Generally, a doctor prescribes a lethal dose of barbiturates, but is not legally allowed to administer it.
Insulin needs to be refrigerated and the needles used to administer it must be clean-tough to do under current conditions.
Here is the prescription he must swiftly administer.

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