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Payment adjustment information will be posted to this page.
However, when a threshold-the point at which change may occur-is reached adjustment takes place.
Make any final adjustment to fit the design over the form and sew up the neckline.
The flexible, ratchet-lock strap allows for quick adjustment.
They easily adjust to any size needed and do not stretch from the adjustment.
Every adjustment to the thermostat, however, can have unseen consequences.
One thing is that the instructions do not tell you how to use the tide and moon phase adjustment functions.
The big hood requires some adjustment depending on what you are using it for.
It's an adjustment that could make a big difference in how efficiently the car will move.
Magnifying their difficulties will not take them off our hands nor facilitate their adjustment.
The school developed a new kind of social-adjustment program for the students.
But once they made the adjustment, they were likely to find themselves more relaxed.
If you've never tried a weekly schedule before, be open to adjustment.
Moving into administration can be a major adjustment, say many faculty-members-turned-administrators.
There have been no cost-of-living-adjustment raises for years.
Many expats report similar phases of adjustment to their home culture when they return.
Beginning graduate school is, in itself, a major life change that requires adjustment.
There's a difference in how the two are scored which may require an adjustment in strategy.
Periodic crises usually led to adjustment in medication, or new meds.
The big question, he says, is whether the adiabatic method's gradual adjustment of qubits would operate rapidly at that size.
Considering many factors might even require some adjustment factors to select any school districts for comparison.
The rest of the world will have a gradual adjustment that brings population densities back into reasonably sustainable levels.
The adjustment mechanism could be built into the frames.
The adjustment comes in getting the vacuum toilets working reliably.
Dikes can create more time for adjustment but will be temporary solution.
The end of the ice age is not the same thing as the end of the adjustment to the change.
In that sense, the plan could work almost anywhere, with an adjustment in price.
But the implications of not making the adjustment aren't easy to contemplate, either.
Bipedalism may still have been an important part of their adjustment to this new setting.
Each failed prediction in cosmology is fixed by a new adjustment in the theory.
All three treatments in which targeted interactions are possible outperform the control after an initial period of adjustment.
Because our vehicles do not reach relativistic speeds, no adjustment is needed for the speed of our thingies.
Additionally, perihelion would be more or less the time to expect such a catastrophic adjustment.
And secondly, if this adjustment for the space time factor is not a factor at all for some reason.
There is a difference between this and mere grudging tactical adjustment, and the electorate was able to scent it.
Upon his release, he would have had to make a second and perilous adjustment to normal life.
But this is more in the spirit of a technical adjustment than a questioning of the underlying premise.
They then suppose that all this pricing adjustment will be limited to stocks.
But for people whose place was once in the center, accepting a narrative that places them somewhere else is a tough adjustment.
These are the confusing facts which await adjustment.
While the older generation struggled with plague and post-plague adjustment, the next generation was growing up.
You'll be surprised how many things you considered your own and good can easily fit, without much adjustment, your enemy.
One-handed seat angle adjustment lets you keep kids comfy without straining your back.
Marital problems include decreased time spent together, less serious conversation, and poorer adjustment skills.
We had to do a little tweaking on the setup of the shifters, but after that adjustment, everything worked without a hitch.
Soft plastic click wheel cover allowed best navigation of iPod menus and volume adjustment.
For me, it's a good adjustment as to how much time you spend on each play.
Reads and reacts quickly to the long ball, showing excellent body adjustment skills.
Fielder will also have to figure out a new group of pitchers, which can sometimes require an adjustment period.
Likewise, the cruise line will not simply make a downward adjustment.
As far as eating goes, visitors generally go through a period of adjustment to the food.
Three-quarters of the adjustment will come from spending cuts, including cuts in welfare.
Failing that, the necessary currency adjustment becomes much bigger.
It also shows that the private sector has already made the adjustment towards the elimination of global imbalances.
The plunge in manufacturing is in part the result of a huge global inventory adjustment.
Exchange-rate appreciation will probably be part of the adjustment process.
Unless they revalue, the euro will continue to bear the brunt of the adjustment in global current-account imbalances.
Even if last week's adjustment was timid, it could mark an important turning point.
Much of the adjustment reflects a collapse in exports.
Yet if the capital suddenly flees, these countries face a painful downward adjustment of domestic wages and prices.
These difficulties ultimately reflect the need for ongoing structural adjustment.
So it asked marketers to help risk-adjustment specialists to design car insurance.
In practice, however, switching over will be a big adjustment for cattle operations.
Jared was able to make a huge adjustment in seconds.
And culturally the two places are not dissimilar, so it was a fairly easy adjustment to make.
The agreement calls for workers to receive three lump sum payments and a cost-of-living adjustment instead of traditional raises.
The main adjustment that our team had to make was dribbling the basketball before moving.
It will be forced to seek consensus on key policy matters, which may take some adjustment.
Such headaches might all be worth it if the adjustment does what it's intended to do: conserve energy.
The catch is that each adjustment to the new, cheap world risks losing people who liked the old, expensive one.

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