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Slightly adjusting your recipe, baking time, and temperature will give you the cookie you're looking for.
Add dahlias and calendulas one by one, adjusting their height with the pruners to achieve a pleasing balance.
Some cheeses don't need any adjusting to meet low-fat goals.
Position the center first, then each petal in turn, adjusting to avoid overlaps.
Experiment by laying a hose on the ground and adjusting its curves.
And they're adjusting to their new digs with zeal and curiosity.
But these words, so magical to the official mind, have no weight when these same officials are adjusting their own private lives.
The toilet is their great scene of business, and the right adjusting of their hair the principal employment of their lives.
Nations use different standards and procedures in collecting and adjusting the data.
He still seems to be adjusting to the world outside.
Students' biggest problems is adjusting themselves to being left pretty much to their own devices.
Soundlessly, my jaw moved up and down, as if adjusting an ill-fitting set of false teeth.
But this could only be correct if modern economies were self-adjusting systems that didn't need any management at all.
The candidates are listening with their emotion-revealing polygraphs, and adjusting.
Cobb was putting on her topee and adjusting the leather strap under her chin.
Adjusting to the modern, gaffe-centric media environment has been wrenching.
And people all over the world were soon to be adjusting themselves to their new environment.
In the perfect world of economic theory, corporations are impersonal machines, adjusting supply quickly in response to demand.
There are two ways in which the value of wood can change: by adjusting supply or changing demand.
As a provincial from a disreputable culture, she had trouble adjusting.
Still, the major carriers have had a remarkably difficult time adjusting to it.
Even after adjusting swing and stance, the same problem occurred.
Sadly, this requires adjusting three tubes to get much less than a foot of travel.
The test spiders copied the on-screen males, adjusting the rate of leg-tapping to match and even outperform their rivals.
There are detailed menus for adjusting the picture, too, so you can tweak and calibrate all you want.
There are two other bolts on the dropout, one for adjusting belt tension and another for locking everything into place.
With any goggles, take lots of time adjusting them so they don't leak.
Adjusting for this risk factor lowers the expected income gains from college dramatically.
Taxes are the means by which a society maintains stability and fairness, and fairness requires adjusting them according to wealth.
On privacy, some open teachers are already adjusting their courses to address student needs.
Even if you want it bad enough, some second-career scientists run into difficulties adjusting to the academic world.
Some enhancements are actually allowed-such as adjusting the contrast of an entire figure to make it clearer.
Success requires scouring databases, and in some cases adjusting them, to locate students who fit the criteria for graduation.
First, we've heard plenty about airlines adjusting fares to fuel.
If the helmet is loose, try adjusting the sizing hardware for a better fit.
Omnivores can often adapt well to changes in their habitat by adjusting their diet.
Try adjusting the shutter speed to bring out the essence of an element.
To generate lift, a bird has merely to tilt its wings, adjusting the flow of air below and above them.
Equipped with a star-tracking mount and micro-adjusting controls, making it exceptionally easy to use for astronomical viewing.
Each photo should be exposed differently by adjusting shutter speed.
Servicing and adjusting heaters and stoves regularly reduces their emissions.
Adjusting is difficult and even after adjusting it cuts the feet here and there.
Adjustable tripod and altazimuth mount with micro-adjusting controls make it exceptionally easy to use.
Adjusting takes practice because you think you need them tighter than you actually do, so spent too much time adjusting.
You'll probably do better putting your camera on manual and adjusting the exposure with a few experimental shots.
For wild creatures, research can provide guidelines about helping to preserve biodiversity by adjusting the light.
If you camera has only automatic exposure, take lighter and darker exposures by adjusting the exposure compensation.
We drive alone, because it's more convenient than adjusting our schedules for public transit.
Quick adjusting leg loops and molded gear loops, with racking grooves, make it easy for little digits to manage.
Auto-adjusting straps pivot to fit a diverse range of helmet and head shapes.
They were busy adjusting knobs, trying to set their cameras, and fumbling for misplaced rolls of film.
Merely adjusting the legal age up or down doesn't work-we've tried that already and failed.
The solution there is inflation-adjusting your taxable profits, which is trivial in the computer age.
Perhaps cable content is merely adjusting to a new combination of technology and the marketplace.
Some ways of thinking about it say that what you're really doing is adjusting the laws of nature themselves.
For retail, it means adjusting to customers who are harder to lure and more discriminating.
The folks making the claims are not adjusting for inflation.
But that's distinct from adjusting the window of school.
But the changing world requires adjusting to new realities and past experiences.
But adjusting the retirement age is a smart first step, because it closely reflects the underlying reality of growing longevity.
If you believe in adjusting these number based on season, then they are not as bad.
In some sense, recessions are the economy adjusting to previous bad policies.
He narrowed his eyes, pulling in on the sheet and carefully adjusting the tiller.
But rather than prices adjusting further, sales have simply dried up.
It seems a new and correct fiscal and monetary model is required to make sure that there is a self-adjusting system.
Adjusting fiscal policy does not mean simply doling out more stimulus.
Less than a month after the presidential election each of those views needs adjusting.
Adjusting font size, set contrast, and lock orientation.
Two have since capitulated, firing controversial talk-show hosts and adjusting their news coverage.
Soon people should start adjusting to not having things they took for granted a few years back.
After adjusting for these factors there may not be much wage stagnation left to explain.
It seems a new and correct fiscal and monetary model is required to make sure that there is a correct self-adjusting system.
Owners can choose to pay lower taxes in exchange for not adjusting their properties too much.
Famine is its way of adjusting population and it has always been so.
Water fluoridation is the process of adjusting the fluoride content of water to the recommended level for optimal dental health.
Regardless, we'd have a lot of adjusting to do if all our food was uncolored.
By adjusting these variables, they were able to get a ten percent reduction in warm air infiltration.
Why adjusting our expectations to reality is so difficult.
Altering the plasma density by adjusting the applied power changes the radio frequencies it broadcasts and picks up.
She shifts from workaday laborer to fertile egg layer, adjusting body and life history in the process.
By adjusting the opening or closing of channels in cell membranes, opsins can switch neurons on or turn them off.
It throttles the flow of energy in the body by adjusting the outflow of fatty acids to the needs of working cells.
To do so, it will make three flybys of the planet, adjusting its trajectory after each encounter.
The links held after adjusting for age and other known risk factors.
There is significant climate engineering which can be done by adjusting the human controlled part of albedo.
Improving agricultural sustainability means constantly innovating and adjusting practices to local conditions.
Get the pan really hot, adjusting the flame so the temperature is steady across the surface of the pan.
In the blind, apparently, neurons normally reserved for vision were adjusting to handle information from their fingertips.
After that, the pseudo-seizures abated, and the real seizures were easily controlled by adjusting her medications.
However, adjusting for flex and strain in the support structure proved problematic.
They propel themselves forward through the water with their tails, adjusting their fins to help them control their movements.
Indeed, after adjusting for this need, the link between disorder and stereotypes disappeared.
It is not clear how adjusting for that may have affected their conclusions.
Adjusting the properties appropriately takes a bit of time, so that is why the blue spiral eventually disappears.
Then you can see what kind of clamps and such for adjusting legs and the mount you prefer.
It was a preparation for adjusting to public school.
Nor need there be, when there are so many other ways of adjusting one's past experience to present needs.
But it is from such widespread experience with effective balancing and adjusting that social rationality derives.
The only safe rule is found in the self-adjusting meter of demand and supply.
We were adjusting to what the school expected in academics.
He strikes a match and lights the lamp, adjusting its homely chimney.
Ordinarily, this is done by adjusting the output of power plants.
Radios normally use a quartz crystal or some other oscillator to serve as a reference when adjusting the radio frequency.
The surgeon sets the cutting depth and speed by adjusting pulse strength and duration.
It also includes easy-to-use tools for cropping, rotating, or adjusting the color or exposure of your pictures.
He says it was much better than human schedulers at adjusting fleet movements and speeds to minimize disruption and fuel costs.
Competing objectives necessitate tradeoffs and compromises in adjusting the neutron spectrum.
The majority of appraisers employed by insurance companies and independent adjusting firms are auto damage appraisers.

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