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Published recipes are tested in our kitchen, adjusted as needed, and written in our editorial style.
The shoulder harness is comfortable and easily adjusted.
Capybaras are physically well adjusted to their watery environs.
The angle of the arms can be adjusted to sweep wide or to fit through narrow waterways.
Everything is adjusted to that, the hotel, all my personal needs.
Unless these factors and others are accounted for and adjusted, all pretty pointless.
The two halves of the preview image show how much a shot can change when the lighting is adjusted.
First the user selects the parts of the image that are important and shouldn't be adjusted, and colors those items green.
These plans would be paid by a government agency, with premiums adjusted for the degree of risk estimated for each patient.
In an effort to cut costs, the board let go longtime staff and adjusted benefits to the children of faculty.
He adjusted his models to map individual flakes of skin as they twirled through the water.
Deniers claim that the findings are biased because average temps were adjusted downwards.
The light dims or brightens as the volume is adjusted.
Mouse performance can be adjusted to regulate battery life.
The audio-input volume is preset and can't be adjusted.
By altering the maze he watched intently how the robot adjusted.
Foods sweetened with sucralose won't brown as well and they cook more quickly, so recipes may need to be adjusted.
The picture was crisper but the aspect ratio was poorly adjusted for the smaller screen.
It should also be noted that all of these statistics are seasonally adjusted, so the time of year shouldn't be a big factor.
And even your toughest critics concede that, eventually, you adjusted tactics and strategy.
It automatically adjusted to each student's ability, advancing slowly for some and quickly for others.
Claw games can be adjusted to make the prizes either easier or harder to grab.
In training, soldiers were required to hold their breath for six seconds while the mask was being adjusted.
Pasta dough is rolled between two steel cylinders that can be adjusted so that the sheet becomes progressively thinner.
The total cap on each fish type is adjusted yearly by the government according to how the well the species is doing.
If the photos were adjusted so you could see the stars you would not be able to see anything but burnout on the objects shown.
The cap on each fish type is adjusted yearly by the government according to how the species is faring.
The article does not mention if the figures are adjusted for population changes.
The voltage created by an action potential is not really something that is adjusted by amino acids.
When a persons job is on the line, results are adjusted.
Prices are not real high relative to historic pricing when adjusted for inflation and currency fluctuations.
Here the steepness of the arc along which the weight travels is adjusted by changing the length of the string.
Of course, not all constants are well known, so they are adjusted in test simulations before a model runs.
Solar manufacturers have adjusted by reducing the amount of silicon necessary in their solar cells.
He adjusted five other knobs, muting some sounds and bringing life to others.
So in inflation-adjusted terms, minimum-wage earners today are earning far less than their counterparts in many earlier years.
Worse yet, tones in isolated words may need to be adjusted when put together in an utterance.
Kids who have self respect are happy and well adjusted throughout their lives.
In fact, the paper indicates that maternal employment can often improve the chances of having well-adjusted kids.
It also had the highest subscription rates, once exchange rates were adjusted for local spending power.
The first column shows each country's primary deficit or surplus adjusted for the economic cycle.
Interest rates and terms have all been adjusted numerous times.
They must be counting rising taxes in determining nominal spending, but not in calculating the inflation-adjusted costs.
Second, each adjusted his speed, depending on his distance from such obstacles.
But even adjusted for bureaucratic hyperbole the government response is hefty.
The correct measure of a fiscal stimulus is the change in the budget deficit adjusted for the impact of the economic cycle.
Deficits are larger, she says, if you use adjusted government-bond yields as the discount rate.
Savers took a real, inflation-adjusted loss, which corresponded to an improvement in the government's balance-sheet.
As a result blimps, adjusted to hover at appropriate heights, are often used to relay data to and from satellites.
More important than that overlap, perhaps, both are well-adjusted human beings.
Seasonally-adjusted figures, or seasonally-adjusted annual rates, are used for each component to simplify comparisons.
We've adjusted all figures for inflation, using the consumer price index.
Photos published online are routinely cropped for size and adjusted for brightness and sharpness to optimize their appearance.
They have adjusted their language so that it is less vitriolic.

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