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The stand's second great feature is its adjustable top.
To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a flat birch hollow-core door atop two adjustable sawhorses.
When the square feet aren't adjustable, make sure your furniture and fixtures are.
Of the robust cast of often-cited villains in the financial crisis, few have become as hated as the adjustable-rate mortgage.
Adjustable rate loans were the primary drivers of default, while these loans are fixed.
We expected that foreclosures would be driven by resetting adjustable rate mortgages, ie higher payments.
Laptops have an adjustable screen that allows users to change the viewing angle.
For some, it will be replaced by adjustable rate products.
Some were even crazier than the standard adjustable-rate mortgages.
If one has an adjustable mortgage, etc those monthly payments could go up.
The particulars of the case-whether one company has the right to patent an adjustable car pedal-leave room for excitement.
The different styles have different strap possibilities, and all are pretty infinitely adjustable.
There, researchers use an adjustable shutter to control how long objects are exposed to the beam.
One sees a transition between the fixed behavior of individual atoms and molecules and the adjustable behavior of collectives.
It has a rechargeable battery, an adjustable eyepiece and a pair of focus buttons.
And whereas divers previously sat sprawled against the sub's confined walls, everyone will now have adjustable seats to work from.
They should design variable wind speed adjustable turbine blades capable of high speed.
They have scratchproof lenses and an adjustable band.
And then you have the adjustable-rate mortgages and other flexible loans.
Adjustable tripod and altazimuth mount with micro-adjusting controls make it exceptionally easy to use.
Breathable leather uppers and adjustable hook-and-loop straps add flexibility and comfort.
It is true to size in the length and conveniently adjustable through the width of the foot and calf.
Adjustable rate mortgages are thriving these days, even though interest rates remain low and flat.
But the major premise of marginalia is that life is infinitely adjustable.
The mortgage loans may have either fixed or adjustable interest rates.
Adjustable elastic straps hold your goods where you put them.
The adjustable helmet comes with a series of inserts for a close fit that still lets cooling breezes through.
The other part is an adjustable webbing loop with a locking hook on the end.
But even though they're adjustable, the pedals are far too close together.
On the right end, there is a adjustable screw that is used to measure small changes in the length.
Jumbos can be either adjustable-, fixed-rate or balloon mortgages.
If it's an adjustable-rate mortgage, find out how much more you will have to pay when it resets and whether you afford it.
Weighing risks, rewards of adjustable-rate mortgages.
Computerized accounting systems and cash registers are modular and constantly adjustable.

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