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Being prepared for the change will make it easier to adjust when it happens.
Eyes and cameras both have lenses that adjust the path of the incoming light to bring an image into sharper focus.
Finally, adjust the depth of cut as described for a bench plane.
Midterm feedback from students gives professors a chance to adjust their courses to improve learning and student satisfaction.
Bianco would adjust the way corporate earnings are calculated.
To reduce the amount of power your computer uses when it is in use, adjust the settings.
Life does know how to adjust and is always in a state of fluctuation to the greener side of the fence.
Adjust your irrigation controller to fit your climate conditions and landscaping.
We suggest you make a small batch first and adjust the recipe to your liking.
Merino wool is widely regarded as the ideal base layer for its ability to adjust its properties to differing situations.
If this happened in the middle of a point, the player would have to adjust and keep playing.
Statisticians are trying to adjust measures of national wealth for pollution and depleted resources.
Use the cropping tool to adjust and size your image.
Our bodies adjust to the cycle of day and night thanks to specialized neurons in our eyes.
Add the alligator meat, stir well, taste and adjust seasonings.
If sprinklers are spraying more water on paving or other unintended areas than on lawns, adjust them.
Gently but firmly adjust the pins so that they push more strongly against the cartridge contacts.
The easiest way to do it is to ask the electronics store to adjust it for you.
Corporations have found they sometimes need to adjust their marketing campaigns to other countries and cultures.
They have to adjust their portfolios as clients send them more money or ask to redeem their holdings.
Set one of the boards on a planer and adjust the planer down to the thickness of the board.
Adjust the resolution and orientation to suit your monitor setup.
Forecasters adjust their predictions for economic shrinkage almost weekly.
Easily able to adjust to environmental changes, warthogs can actually survive for several months without water.
Nephrons are tiny tubes that filter the blood plasma, adjust and then return optimized fluid to the body.
Adjust the heights of the posts so the shoulders of the notches are level with each other.
The software also offers motion capture and has a feature that follows your face, zooming and panning to adjust.
Most students and staff and faculty members are aware of this problem and adjust accordingly.
Regions that suffer an adverse shock could be stuck in a slump with high unemployment until they do adjust.
These rapid extremes of conditions may have meant species were unable to adjust.
The hand relinquishing balance to adjust a cap in the rain.
To solve the problem, adjust the rate at which water is applied.
Three sensitivity settings adjust audio gain in loud and quiet environments.
The things you did to adjust to your first job, do them again.
He thinks that firms and scientists should be able to adjust without abandoning research completely.
Adjust the personal settings on each computer to automatically turn off the monitor after a period of inactivity.
Using that approach, managers can adjust their strategy as climate patterns become clearer.
Bats can subtly adjust the frequency of the sounds they use to do echolocation to adjust to particularly cluttered terrain.
Instead, you adjust the steering wheel, as well as the speed at which you are traveling.
It will require rich nations to adjust their skills.
However, he added, people need to acknowledge that hazards exist and adjust their building habits.
Ford's philosophy for contentment has given me a means to adjust to the forced anonymity.
Before planting, put down a rope or hose, and adjust it until you form a pleasing design.
Click as many times as needed to adjust your course.
To participate, you adjust sliders to show the degree to which you agree or disagree with five political statements.
The mobile application, for instance, lets users adjust how widely they fancy casting their net.
Adjust the ribbon so that an even amount of material extends from both sides.
Such storms arise to adjust imbalances that occur as the atmosphere transfers latent heat from the equator to the poles.
Adjust irrigation systems so sprayers or sprinkler heads don't direct water onto pavement.
All would auction emission quotas and use the revenues to encourage alternative energy sources and help industry adjust.
Explain that some countries adjust time zones for political reasons.
Farmers adjust what they plant and when they plant in relation to weather changes.
It also removes a potential buffer, because the central bank cannot adjust interest rates.
Transplants require patients to take anti-rejection drugs for life and adjust psychologically to a new face.
The inland west knows that it must adjust to dry times rather than look for more water.
Sensors on the suit detect changes and automatically adjust pressure within the suit to keep pilots healthy and safe.
To adjust emissions caps in the future, the allowances would expire periodically, perhaps as often as once a year.
The idea is that individuals adapt their behaviour to adjust to government budget shifts.
They could adjust for social, political and other reasons.
Adjust position of grill if necessary so grill and liquid in pan are level.
Dismantling protection would lower food prices-though many poorer farmers will need help to adjust.
Links for the stainless steel band can be removed to adjust the fit as needed.
We can adjust a physical environment to foster emotional well-being.
If meat pieces overlap, adjust slightly so they smoke evenly.
Adjust the uncut portion of the shirt so that it is hanging slightly below the horizontal pole.
We must adjust to our unparalleled ability to shape the world's evolution.
Adjust the folds and practice your throw to make the boomerang fly better.
They adjust their fluid intake by importing or exporting salts across their membranes.
Lined in the seat with a heat retaining mesh, an inner thigh vent dumps heat as you adjust the side cuff zipper and gaiter.
Previous research had suggested two ways that humans may adjust to lower oxygen levels.
They would adjust their own movements to stay in proximity to other airplanes, allowing for quicker landings and departures.
Also, children adjust to social situations with other children far better the earlier they start socializing with their peers.
It is the dancers' responsibility to listen to the drumming and adjust their dance to its cadences and rhythms.
There's hiking, and the swimming's great once you adjust to the icy waters.
Adjust your computer settings to run efficiently during the day.
Wear multiple light layers of clothing so that you can easily adjust to your surroundings.
And give your eyes ten minutes or so to adjust to the darkness.
If one were to occur in the near future, human civilization could be vastly ill-equipped to adjust.
Gold is at a record only if you fail to adjust for inflation.
Adjust the appearance of the information from the calendar.
Meanwhile, two things are making it much harder for companies to adjust.
The temperature may be below zero, but you're not about to adjust the thermostat.
They adjust their spending accordingly and thus deficits don't help.
It sounds to me as if you simply need to adjust your rubric.
Emotional residue doesn't sound convincing to me- but environmental triggers that can adjust someones mood does.
Travelers usually adjust to new time zones at the rate of one hour a day.
Sometimes, that will adjust the speaker volume upwards.
For optimal star-watching, you have to let your eyes adjust to the dark of night.
But not all internal body functions adjust at the same rate.
The resultant helps in realigning the body-organism to adjust to the emerging situation for its own survival.
Partly cover, and adjust heat so mixture sends up a few bubbles at a time.
The euro area also needs to adjust to its appreciation against both the pound and the dollar.
He conquers jet lag by refusing to leave his body in any one time-zone long enough for it to adjust.
We will struggle for a long time to adjust to this enormous loss.
And then don't forget to be more careful in the days after you adjust your clocks.
If you do so, thin it out as desired with water or stock and adjust salt.
Some parts are difficult to adjust to doing on the computer.
We can either adjust and start using land and water more efficiently, or people are going to suffer.
Insulin regulation becomes tougher as the pregnancy progresses, and you may find yourself needing to adjust your carb intake.
Place can containing mixture to be frozen in wooden tub, cover, and adjust top.
Often the old-timers who stay on cannot adjust to the new management's emphasis on profits above all else.
Tells how he could not adjust to the sighted world, and eventually had to be hospitalized.
He had only to adjust his flattery to what she believed herself to be.
Unfortunately, the educational system did not adjust to the new realities.
By pulling up or down on the wire, you can adjust it to fit your uniquely-shaped cartilage.
To see how dramatically our eyes adjust for a color cast in a picture, see the colored cubes above.
To build a better instant soup cup, all you have to do is adjust the cup to a slightly wider, shorter shape.
So while marine life is finding ways to cope with environmental shifts, it is likely that humans will have to adjust, as well.
Shift workers adjust their meal schedules according to their work hours.
Some native species, by contrast, were less flexible and have not been able to adjust their flowering times.
To adjust for this effect, the researchers figured out the amount of seafood these individuals ate when alive.
Hold up the mobile and adjust the photos until it balances.
Some settlements tried to adjust to the more arid conditions.
The hook-and-loop closure lets you adjust the fit, and the slip-on style is perfect for getting through airport security quickly.
Every time some new discovery comes along, scientists and scholars adjust their view accordingly.
Retailers need to adjust their prices quickly when the wholesale charge increases.
Understanding the function of each ingredient lets you adjust your recipe to meet your preferences.
Flannel- lined body, snap-over storm placket, and side snaps all add insulation and help adjust the fit against brisk winds.
If you are a primate used to greener terrain, you must adjust your behavior to survive.
Well see how the inhabitants adjust and fight to survive.
And it allows the cook to adjust serving sizes with a simple tap.
When recession hits, real output falls but prices tend to adjust more slowly.
Although the decree gave them seven years to adjust, they called an all-out strike.
World interest rates adjust so as to make the financing needs of some countries match the available funds of others.
Everywhere, managers are wondering how to adjust not only to the immediate uncertainty but also to a much darker future.
It is, however, fitted with a camera and is able to use information from that camera to adjust its height and direction.
It makes no sense to adjust services by the price of hedonic adj imported manufactured goods, and imputed homeowners rent.
It would be better to make arrangements to adjust to the coming mild changes.
The tax rates can be left floating to self-adjust for a more stable equilibrium between returns from capital and labor.
Mash it up with a spoon, and adjust the seasoning to taste.
Cover the pot, check after several minutes, and adjust the heat to maintain a steaming near-simmer with few or no bubbles.
She will adjust to the needs of all serious students.
And finally, be patient when browning-don't turn too soon or often-and adjust the heat if needed.
First, you don't need to adjust for inflation or population, because both of those units will drop out when taking the ratio.
And a good columnist will adjust position and judgment and even political loyalty over time, depending on events.
They'll be able to adjust the sound for different locations on the grounds and crowd sizes.
If too wet, adjust the texture with more breadcrumbs, as needed.
Nurses also help people to adjust to the lives they must live after they have recovered.
Every debate, the candidates adjust their performances.
Taste and adjust the seasonings, adding more lemon juice if necessary.
Adjust the saltiness with fish sauce, and serve with rice.
There are people who simply cannot adjust themselves to the new freedoms and the new stresses.
In one embodiment, a motor is coupled to the tuning linkage such that an operator can manually adjust the tuning via a motor.
They're not totally predictive, and you can't adjust the scores to account for test anxiety.
Adjust your approach accordingly as to not create too much cognitive dissonance among the students.
However, an effective teacher must be willing to continually adjust to the needs of the students.
Many people do not adjust well to a new culture, language, and job.
Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus.
Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision and the ability to adjust focus.
We need to adjust the size and composition of our applicant pool to get to our desired bottom line.
It was designed to provide financial resources so that countries could adjust without exchange-rate adjustments.
Our species-and individual races-have recently made big evolutionary changes to adjust to new pressures.
You're a saint in my view for taking the trouble to check for inequities and to adjust grades accordingly.
Humans barely evolve quickly enough to adjust to rapidly evolving infectious agents.
He then added a sensor that can read the brightness of the room and adjust the fluorescents as needed.
Isothermal processes are relatively slow processes, since everything needs to adjust itself.
What's important is their ability to minutely adjust wavelengths.
Adjust the size to your screen, and click on names within the tree to see brief descriptions of the taxa.
So our eyes adjust to a resting focus of about a meter away.
The spacecraft would need to adjust its own orbit to follow.
You'll want to get that done after you have your chiro adjust it.
Don't be surprised by the liquid-y formula-the consistency takes some getting used to, and once you adjust, it's super-refreshing.
We didn't adjust it-this was the original campaign plan.
He needed time to adjust to a place that was new and unfamiliar.
Our new government is struggling to adjust to a transparent way of doing business.
By cropping the frames, it is able to adjust the footage so that the camera appears to have traveled the best path.
Embedded sensors also allow the new hand to feel an object and adjust its grip.
Camcorders can't yet adjust their sampling frequencies quickly enough to keep up and produce a quality recording.
We use these ratings to adjust the prediction away from the average recommendation, according to your taste.
Transistors adjust each mirror individually to one of two possible angles.
Stir in the tomatoes and lime juice, adjust the seasoning and top with the cilantro leaves.
The upper plate covers only a small area, but you can adjust it if the squeak persists.
Then he uses what nature offers to create a comfortable home, albeit one the homeowner has to adjust periodically.
We will not consider your ability to adjust to other work on the basis of your age alone.

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