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Real-time claims adjudication is a big component of his proposals.
First, the production and adjudication of poetry has become a profession rather than a calling.
The peaceful adjudication of property claims seems far away.
After everything else is completed, the final stage of the process is adjudication.
One of our esteemed contemporaries has undertaken, by an ingenious device, to secure an adjudication of a doubtful question.
Nor, historically, has the judicial oligarchy itself always felt that it ought to exercise its potential powers of adjudication.
During one early-morning jaunt, he allegedly had a dispute with a sportswriter that is still awaiting legal adjudication.
The claimants will win by obtaining more certain and quicker adjudication.
On the other hand, prosecutors are participants in an adversary system of adjudication.
The mobster didn't have to give up this information, since he was going to die before the adjudication of his case.
Science is an empirical endeavor, and should remain silent about things for which no empirical adjudication is possible.
But this partial statement of my views about adjudication simply raises the same puzzle about interpretation in a new form.

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