adjournment in a sentence

Example sentences for adjournment

After adjournment, the three delegations hold a press conference.
Any meeting which is not an adjournment of another meeting commences a new session.
If it is desired to permit the chair to appoint a committee after adjournment, it must be authorized by a vote.
It was ready for adjournment at midafternoon, and voted it.
The debate over mandatory seat belt laws is heating up as state legislatures move toward adjournment.
If you are unable to appear at the scheduled date and time, you may request an adjournment.
The public agency may adjourn any regular or special meeting to a time and place specified in the order of adjournment.
Adjournment requests must be in writing and will not be considered by phone.
If the requested adjournment or extension affects any other scheduled date, a proposed revised date must be provided.
Adjournment requests are not considered by email, phone or fax.
In the case of an adjournment, the fees shall not be refunded if the adjournment order sets a new date for case evaluation.
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