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Yesterday's papers reported the sales of two houses adjoining each other for more than a million dollars.
We did not find a pair of tenure-track jobs at adjoining universities.
The city council agreed to build an access road to the hospital on an adjoining plot.
Paintings and more economically-priced handicrafts are sold in the adjoining plazas.
For one it is safer for people in an adjoining room.
College officials saved the adjoining corner site, once occupied by an animal hospital, for the new performing-arts center.
They usually move incrementally, from field to adjoining field, needing wet weather to thrive.
To see what you're trying to shoot, you peer through one of two holes on adjoining sides of the box.
The poor, crowded favelas supply drugs to adjoining prosperous quarters.
Farmers play cards at the next table and snooker in the adjoining room.
Soon, there were other rooms adjoining the old travel trailer, then a second story with a patio and tiny third floor.
Extend built-ins to create a frame for the door or adjoining room.
The local steamer gave out and the fire spread to adjoining business blocks.
Mixed-income residential towers and adjoining parkland rise on land formerly occupied by railroad yards.
Pipe adjoining dots around base of each layer to hide cardboard.
The fireman, by great exertion saved the adjoining property.
Adjoining the palace is a sizeable swimming pool and a presidential gym, though the exercise bikes are still in their containers.
The circulation intertwines and engages, allowing glimpses into adjoining rooms and out to the mall.
For three months the adjoining apartment was vacant.
When this happens, the light spills over into adjoining pixels.
They bought a simple wooden house with an adjoining cottage for him to use as a studio.
The beaches and adjoining neighborhoods are holding up remarkably well.
In some earthquakes, one stretch of the sea bottom may rise while an adjoining piece drops.
Each mouse was allowed to roam freely through a series of adjoining chambers, one of which was preselected as a reward room.
Their offices were in adjoining rooms of their sprawling apartment.
It descends in the adjoining region of the ventral and lateral funiculi.
Some wonderfully heroic rescues were made at that fire by people living in the adjoining tenements.
In that nave and in the adjoining aisles knelt or stood the rapt throng of worshipers.
The fridge disappears via a revolving wall that, unbeknownst to the fridge's owner, spins into the adjoining apartment.
Adjoining rooms are available as well as suites that feature hot tubs in the bathroom.
The fridge disappears via a revolving wall that, unbeknownst to the fridge's owner, spins it into the adjoining apartment.
The argument got so loud and heated in their suite that aides in adjoining rooms couldn't sleep.
The master has a fireplace, a walk-in closet and an adjoining bathroom.
Both the living room and the combined bedroom and office adjoining it have built-in cherry wood shelves.
Centering nails in framing members or blocking at adjoining panel edges is impossible.
The conference was held at two adjoining facilities.
Eight different meals were prepared and served at the two adjoining facilities and one local university.
The bill requires property owners wishing to repair or build a lawful fence to give written notice to the adjoining landowner.

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