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Example sentences for adjectives

It suggested the advantage of economy in the use of adjectives.
Not only is there no need to apply superlative adjectives to yourself, but doing so probably doesn't help your case.
Ask students to use adjectives to describe the pictures, and write the words on the board or on chart paper.
But please, continue to believe that labeling other people with nasty adjectives is a rational argument.
The best new feature of the game are the adjectives.
Definitely he is going to run out of wind, adjectives and superlatives.
As for-profit higher-ed sector becomes a substantial part of the landscape, these prefixes and adjectives will go away.
Plenty of alternative adjectives are beginning to spring to mind.
Discuss how adjectives can make writing more lively and help readers paint a picture in their minds.
But the adjectives have been dropped, which makes chemical synonymous with toxic or poisonous.
And they would cheerfully embrace all these adjectives as compliments.
Try to describe your company using three adjectives.
Some fail to make adjectives agree with nouns, or conjugate verbs improperly.
Have them find three adjectives in the article and use each one in a sentence.
The fortified wine shares two vital adjectives with the campfire treat: dark and sweet.
However, journalists should use the correct adjectives when describing these events.
Besides seeing your name really big, some adjectives might start to stick out.
First, he asked people who knew individual animals well to describe them with lots of different adjectives.
Direct students to skim the article and identify adjectives used to describe sharks.
Incoherent and dull aren't good adjectives to apply to a speech.
Have students find and circle five adjectives in the story, then use each one in a different sentence.
Shoppers in the supermarket today can buy chicken free of nearly everything but adjectives.
On a good day, she might write a grammatical sentence, provided that there were no confusing adjectives or adverbs.
By now, each of those adjectives has an onomatopoetic ring.
People whose speech is larded with empty adjectives are generally not taken seriously.
The language flows less easily off the tongue with adjectives masquerading as adverbs.
Polite discourse has a weak arsenal of adjectives to describe crimes of war.
One of the things that stands out is the extremes in adjectives.
The problem with your comment is that it does not have enough adjectives.
It's not that your date doesn't match the adjectives from the glamorous self-description.
The gallery scene in this city is in such a state of flux that both adjectives are regularly applied.
Cozy, cute, colorful and charming were the adjectives heard at our table.
In seeking consistently to avoid references, the novel work evades adjectives.
The flowery adjectives, snide references and angry tone make much of this discussion not helpful.
We have complained that he lacks precision: it must be added that he loves adjectives, and adjectives in the superlative degree.
To relate to and come up with adjectives for an numeric-alpha-soup.
Adjectives describe nouns and are next in importance to nouns and verbs.
Technically, clustering nouns turns all but the last noun into adjectives.
However, many users will think they've found the noun when they're still reading adjectives, and will become confused.

Famous quotes containing the word adjectives

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