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Each is a sequence of noun-copula-adjective-infinitive verb.
As an indefinite noun-adjective clause, it could be translated as blessed day.
This treatise is a guide to the adjective jungle.
In the last phrase, it's an adjective that describes the octopus.
We say “it is red” and define “red” as a quality-word or adjective.
Finding the correct adjective is hard.
The adjective pseudo, which means phony, probably best describes them generally.
This, strictly speaking, does the work of an adjective in the sentence.
Mysterious is an adjective used to describe a noun.
Shrill is a negative adjective used to describe a high-pitched sound.
Winfrey said Lauren's place in fashion was undeniable — his name was even an adjective, she said.
While 'fare' can be a proper verb, 'fair' is either an adjective or a noun.
Or if you remember that logy is an adjective, then logiest can clear your rack.
Heirloom tomatoes, especially, take that adjective to new heights.
Someone at this moment is tallying up commas or meticulously computing adjective-to-adverb ratios.
Everyone had his own adjective, none of them flattering.
Unethical is the only adjective that comes to mind use.
But adding the adjective makes the service sound fancier.
Ribald, gentle, messy-any other adjective you would care to apply.
Scattered through the length of the film are snatches of comedy which unfortunately deserve some sort of qualifying adjective.
In so doing, he has invented a new adjective which shall now irrevocably become part of the language.
Doug, you've forgotten to use the appropriate adjective when referring to scientists.
Sorry to be pedantic but swapping out an adverb for an adjective gave me shivers.
In fact she appears to reserve special scorn for the toile of grammar, the adjective: she is perfectly happy with approximates.
Careless is the first adjective that comes to mind when describing the rich in this novel.
Also called tertiary economic activity profitable: adjective: able to make money.
It should be used as an adjective to describe the product and should never be used in abbreviated form.
Guess which adjective their pay package is mostly influenced by.
Back then, amateur was an entirely positive adjective.
That's not a sure thing these days, but the adjective still fits, given the trend toward nocturnal store openings.

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