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Rock bass and several kinds of sunfishes are all known to nest successfully adjacent to heavily used boating channels.
Your cost-per-click advertisement will appear adjacent to relevant content.
In cellular networks, adjacent cells cannot use the same radio frequencies .
We live in two adjacent suburbs, close enough to cover each other for child minding needs but we do not wish to be closer.
It then spread to an adjacent communications building.
In case your trigonometry is rusty, recall that the tangent of a right triangle is the opposite length over the adjacent length.
The restaurant expanded, spilling over into an adjacent storefront.
My most recent campus interview was for a position that is not in my field, but in one that is adjacent.
In following years the store was able to purchase its building and expand into adjacent buildings.
Gap junctions are proteins that form pores between two adjacent cells, and that can link animal cells directly.
There was no connection to the adjacent side yard, and the room lacked visual drama.
If the church is closed, inquire in the adjacent rectory.
Each raised bed is framed with weathered basalt that matches the stone in adjacent retaining walls.
The project is situated on a plot of land, adjacent to the campus, that was once a golf course.
The college's science building was designed so that teaching labs are adjacent to research ones.
Here they work in adjacent offices linked by a bathroom whose sink is stacked high with files.
Those who raise an agent's suspicions are sent to an adjacent weigh station for further questioning and, sometimes, searches.
In a former job, my office was located in the student rec center adjacent to the weight room.
Leftover yardage from past projects sits in an adjacent fitting room.
At the adjacent table, peruse the dessert selection, with marzipan and expensive herbs and spices.
Adjacent bathrooms can be combined by removing a temporary wall.
Then maybe-maybe-the hogs will move onto adjacent hunting grounds and he can once again use his family's land.
Thayer's own prized collection of skins was packed in trunks and stored in an old mill house on the adjacent property.
Enjoy drinks at the outdoor pool from the adjacent lounge.
Most fjords are narrow and even deeper than the adjacent ocean.
Many types of apples as well as apple products are available in the country stores adjacent to the orchards.
Campers can hike trails in five acres of adjacent woods.
There is no restaurant or bar inside the hotel, but there are numerous restaurants and bars adjacent to the hotel property.
Guests will find an indoor heated swimming and exercise room adjacent to a large, comfortable lobby area.
The fifth runs between the adjacent margins of the triangular and pisiform bones.
Each ganglion is joined by intervening nervous cords to adjacent ganglia so that two chains, the sympathetic trunks, are formed.
Each divides into a pair of plantar digital arteries which supply the adjacent sides of the toes.
They contain fine fibrils which are continuous across the connecting processes with corresponding fibrils in adjacent cells.
The structure will be rolled into place on concrete tracks, straddling part of the adjacent building and enclosing the reactor.
Meaning, ultimately, seemed a matter of adjacent data.
In that regard, they're similar to the retractable field, which can be moved to an adjacent site.
Coffee was served afterwards in an adjacent lounge with a bold contemporary design.
He was happy to hear that the ostrich and the white crane in adjacent cages were also pets.
Cultural and social life is also an exploration of the adjacent possible, as one unexpected door opens and then leads to others.
He was then taken to the adjacent police hospital, where he declared a state of emergency.
And critics say that spraying damages human health and the environment-as well as wiping out adjacent food crops.
Within three years, commercially important fish stocks had doubled in the seas adjacent to those reserves.
For many years he battled local police chiefs over permits to stage open-air concerts on adjacent land.
Enjoy a picnic at the falls or find your own private spot somewhere along the adjacent hiking trails.
But the sense of history is still strong at the light itself and at the adjacent keeper's house, which is now a museum shop.
The goal is to control the spread of prairie dogs to adjacent private land.
The faults are heated by adjacent rocks and the hydrocarbon deposits stored in them are vaporized.
The researchers said they were also concerned about siltation of the reefs from illegal logging in adjacent areas.
Using computer software, the researchers are able to overlay adjacent video frames to see how the beads move.
Adjacent to the treasury is a small pyramid, which has large, open rooms that would have been suitable for ritual activity.
In a dry lake bed adjacent to the dunes, they found dozens of fishhooks and harpoons carved from animal bone.
His office is redolent with vanilla, owing to his adjacent warehouse, filled with bundles awaiting export.
In a larger, newer church adjacent, a shard of pale bone no bigger than a thumbnail lies in a golden reliquary.
Sea level is measured in relation to the adjacent land.
He kills another calf on an adjacent ranch, and then a dog on the outskirts of a nearby town.
In fact, in some places there are fewer badgers on the inside of the fenced-in park than on adjacent areas outside.
Curiously, the size of the two immediately adjacent visual areas did not influence the amplitude of the illusion.
Benoit's main concern is that the alarm response could drive bedbugs into adjacent areas, simply spreading the problem.
After a single exposure to the spotlight, actin crept toward spots that touched adjacent neurons, but soon receded.
She discovered that two adjacent tents, which the family used as kitchens, were on fire.
Two adjacent community planning boards are opposed to the present expansion plan.
Had the fleet been held together and deployed in adjacent waters, it could have retained sea supremacy.
Ugly or unwelcome highways dampen people's enthusiasm and hasten the deterioration of adjacent neighborhoods.
When it comes to the health of the country and its culture, the highest highs and the lowest lows are simultaneous and adjacent.
Cabinetmakers located adjacent to sawmills, dealers, and auction houses.
Contractors have already installed neat rows of cubicles into vacant parts of an adjacent military building.
As per local news reports, the building had developed cracks due to ongoing construction work at an adjacent plot.
The cemetery sits above the city and adjacent to a wetlands.
The mansion and two adjacent houses have been surrounded by blast walls.
It was a vase that stood four feet high, and was used to hold the dried sea oats that matched the frame of an adjacent landscape.
The relationship of these figures to each other, and to the frieze on the adjacent wall, is among the great enigmas in cave art.
The hypothalamus lies adjacent to the fornix, a crucial part of the brain's memory circuit.
Groups of adjacent tubes work together to open even larger, gaping pores in the cell wall.
The idea is to study the shapes that fit together to tile a plane and to clearly label the sides that end up being adjacent.
As it matures the efficiency and the process control will reduce the impact to adjacent aquifers.
In a healthy eye, these cells are activated when adjacent photoreceptor cells detect light.
With an approximate parking spot length of about seven meters, a vehicle could easily be matched to an incorrect adjacent spot.
They've walked into adjacent paddocks separated by a fence.
In the adjacent cage, two control mice look scrawny by comparison.
Quickly it moves to the adjacent couch, which bursts into flames.
Gene flow has a way of equilibrating and eliminated variation across adjacent populations.
In the adjacent cage, two control mice appear scrawny by comparison.
Two staff members moved the body to an isolation anteroom adjacent to trauma one.
The resulting data were then translated into an image on a video monitor in an adjacent room.
The two groups are adjacent however, and certainly look more alike than either does to their neighbors.
They tested the monkeys in pairs, sat in adjacent wire cages so that each individual could see what its partner was getting.
Some are provided with minimal barracks-style housing adjacent to the hothouses.
Her car would drop her unobtrusively in the adjacent, parallel road.
Small, charming shops would be adjacent to outdoor caf├ęs.
They bought up four adjacent houses and set about creating an unexpected haven.
The architecture museum, which is among the world's largest, occupies the adjacent former naval drill hall.
Galleries and espresso bars have gradually encroached upon adjacent neighborhoods, and change is inevitable.
If these movies happen to be playing in adjacent auditoriums at the multiplex, exhibitors might want to set up a police cordon.
Adjacent spots of blue and yellow, for instance, would create a joint aureole of green.
All routes and adjacent parking lots will be open to traffic for the summer.

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