adiabatic in a sentence

Example sentences for adiabatic

The big question, he says, is whether the adiabatic method's gradual adjustment of qubits would operate rapidly at that size.
Adiabatic process is described in all thermodynamics textbooks.
The company's approach to computing, known as adiabatic quantum computing, has been heavily criticised.
Adiabatic lapse rate simply explains the distribution of temperatures within an atmosphere.
They're cold, they're non-interacting, and their perturbations are adiabatic.
Ordinary adiabatic compression, as occurs in a bicycle pump, causes air to become hot.
Adiabatic cooling due to upwelling is another possible explanation.
We call this condition of no heat being added or subtracted from the air, an adiabatic condition.
Adiabatic fuel cell stacks have attracted industry attention for their simple design, low cost, and reliability.
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